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Importance of DMARC for business emails

Arpita Gupta
Published: August 5, 2022

Let us have a look at the importance of DMARC!!

As we all know, the Internet generation has been in charge of today’s globe. Everyone prefers to shop from eCommerce websites the majority of the time as Internet connectivity has increased. However, as online activity grows every day, cybercrime is also on the rise.

Yes, cybercrimes are a serious issue and the main cause for concern. Since the Internet now dominates people’s lives, it’s critical to be aware of the risks as well. In light of the move from postcards to emails, it’s critical to monitor cybercrimes as well.

As every piece of personal information about an individual is available online, cybercrimes are growing quickly. The emergence of cybersecurity was sparked by an increase in cybercrimes. Yes, protecting users’ private data is crucial and the primary duty of cybersecurity.

Email verification is now necessary if we’re talking about emails. Prior to signing up for anything or sending someone emails, it’s crucial to confirm their email address because there are many email-based scams.

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Every company today is worried about its domain reputation, just like all businesses that conduct online transactions and email customers. So, the company put into place DMARC email authentication using the “reject” policy to ensure the domain and make sure no one is sending spam or phishing emails on our behalf.

What is DMARC?

DMARC is an email authentication standard that aids in guarding against phishing attacks for your company.

When you configure DMARC, it makes it clear to everyone whether or not your emails are from you. By providing daily reports on any inappropriate emails sent with your domain in the From field, you may use DMARC to keep an eye on the misuse of your domain name.

This is crucial because it enables you to determine which messages are transmitted without permission and who might be sending them. It may be helpful if there are any future legal difficulties.

Why should you use DMARC and why is it important?

If you’re still not sure whether you should be utilizing DMARC, here are a few advantages it offers to help you see why it’s so crucial:

  • Email security and deliverability are the focus of DMARC. It minimizes phishing and false positives, and it offers powerful authentication reporting.
  • Boost delivery rates and lower bouncing
  • Obtain thorough reports on the authentication of messages.
  • The DMARC protocol assists in identifying spammers and stops fake communications from being delivered to inboxes.
  • DMARC lessens the likelihood that your emails will be categorized as spam.
  • Improves your domain and email channels’ exposure and authority.

How can DMARC safeguard your Business emails?

When someone sends emails in your company’s name in an effort to con or deceive individuals, this is known as email spoofing. When you read phishing emails, you may be misled into providing personal information like passwords or credit card details. Phishing emails are made to look like official communications from a source you trust.

Due to its ability to inform recipients whether an email is valid or not, DMARC safeguards against these kinds of assaults. Additionally, it alerts you to any unusual activity on your domain.

By enabling you to create policies that specify how you want your emails to be authenticated and verified, DMARC reduces assaults. This is why DMARC is important: if someone attempts to send an email purporting to be from your business but doesn’t abide by those regulations, DMARC will prevent that message before it reaches its intended recipient.

Case Study

To give you some context, one of the businesses had several mailboxes configured on the same domain, including [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]

There are just 100 to 150 emails sent out daily, which is a small amount of mail. Most of these emails come from our tech support team and are sent from [email protected] The other email accounts are very sometimes checked and are not utilized for sending emails.

The company previously noted that they had set the domain’s DMARC policy to “reject” and had contracted with DMARC Analytics to gather the DMARC reports.

One day, the company got a notification stating:

On 2022-07-26, we discovered an unexpected message count of 1146 (+110.00 percent) for [email protected]

The volume of emails sent from our domain increased a few times over the past few days, and it was not a spoofing campaign as the messages were sent from our mail server and from our IP address. By the time, the reputation of their website went from high to low in just 3 days. 

Well, this was a concern for the company so theory decided to go for DMARC Analytics. After that, they saw that someone hacked their domain and was sending spam emails with links to spam websites. 

The company immediately activated the DMARC policy and saved its domain’s reputation. 


In order to prevent the loss of sensitive data and resources, DMARC has not only become increasingly crucial in recent years, but some businesses are working to make it mandatory for their personnel. So it’s time to switch to using DMARC for a safer email experience after considering its many advantages.

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