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IIT Bombay Interview Experience for M.Tech (RA)

Akanksha Singh
Published: July 12, 2022

Gate Score: 770 in Agricultural Engineering.

So, here I am sharing my interview experience at IIT Bombay for M.Tech. This is not just an experience but it’s like a story where the story begins with the sad part and ends with joyful moments.

About Myself: The Journey to get admission into the IIT Bombay started in 2018, was given my first GATE in 2019 and was not able to score enough to convert to the IIT and I was only want to get admission into the IIT and especially in IIT Bombay and for this, I took 1-year to drop and prepare once again and give GATE in 2020 and getting good score in the examination. Then I started applying for admission to IIT but during that period because of a Health issue in my home, I was not able to take admitted. But I was continuously learning something that can be related to my future studies. Then I applied once again in 2021 to various IITs and got many calls for an interview.  

Now I am especially sharing my interview experience at IIT Bombay for M.Tech.

There is a total of 3 phases in the interview.

  • Getting shortlist for a written test based upon the GATE score.
  • Written Test.
  • Personal Interview.

So, the First Phase was based on the GATE score after clearing the cutoff I was getting a chance to give a written test for my branch.

Written Paper: It consists of various questions from Mathematics, Operation Research, Game Theory, and Pseudocode.

  • Mathematics:- Basic linear algebra, probability, and statistics, Permutations, combinations, linear programming, queueing theory.
  • Operation Research & Game Theory:- Cover the basics of this field and asked questions related to this. Ex: Transportation problem.
  • Pseudocode:- Given code(pseudocode) for checking the programming knowledge of the applicant.

I cleared both the phase and got a chance to give a Personal Interview to inform the IIT Bombay’s Professors. 

Personal Interview: We get the list of shortlisted students who got a chance for appearing in an interview with their respective time slots. So I remember that I have an interview at 9:30 AM on  03/07/2021 but one day before I got a message from the Electricity Company that you have a power shutdown in your area from morning 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. So I am getting tense because my laptop does not have that much battery backup. So I don’t want to take any kind of risk at this moment so I requested to shift my interview slot and they agreed to do that. Now my interview at the last,

Now in an interview: 2 professors took my interview.

  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • Why your slot is changed from the original slot?
  • Tell me about your city? (This for removing my nervousness)
  • Around 4-5 questions from the Operation Research which I defend correctly.
  • 3-4 Question from the Queuing Theory.
  • From where did you get the knowledge of this field?
  • You have formed an Agriculture Engineering background then why do you want to do masters in this branch? why do you want to leave your core field?

I tried to defend these questions in the best way, and the professor also looks satisfied with my answer, after some day I get an email from IIT Bombay regarding the Admission Offer in my Dream Branch.  

Moral of the story : 

  • Continuous learning in every situation.
  • Don’t underestimate yourself, if you are not from a core branch or you have a lesser GATE score. 
  • Do Hard work.