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ICYMI: Top Trends and Takeaways from RSA Conference 2022

Published: July 29, 2022

RSA Conference 2022 was once again the biggest cybersecurity conference of the year with over 26k novice to veteran attendees. And perhaps this mixed bag of attendees is indicative of RSA Conference 2022’s theme: Transform

“As a community, we have transformed. We’ve moved from the backroom to the boardroom—from behind-the-scenes professionals focused on strengthening walls to business enablers entrusted to make game-changing decisions. The spotlight is on us. And as the world becomes more digitized, it looks to us first for protection and response. We are stronger and wiser, but we can’t stop here. The world of cybersecurity is ever-changing and there is still work to be done. Let’s continue to grow, evolve, and join forces to enable everyone to connect securely and confidently. Because together, we transform.