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How To Make Meaningful Connections With Virtual Networking?

Madhur Gupta
Published: May 9, 2022

The actual term “Connection has changed since COVID-19 shattered the whole world, and this has forced all of us to shift all of our schedules from offline to online. In the growing age of technology, everything is possible today. Especially, when the world is forced to work remotely, it becomes necessary to get in touch with each other and maintain a strong relationship without having any in-person meet.


Virtual Networking is possibly one the most amazing way of communicating with people without stepping out of your place. Though earlier it was not-so-popular, with the change of time and need (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic), it has made us believe more like a new normal.

Today, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet have become common place for virtual meetings and are building an opportunity to create an initial environment that leads to future discussions. So, now the point is how you are strategizing to make meaningful connections with virtual networking to reach new heights of success?  

Let’s find out the best tips to stay connected in the virtual world and build meaningful connections in this post.

1. Take Active Participation

If you’re looking to make a healthy relationship and utilize virtual connection in a better way then you should change your approach for making yourself into active participation. Usually, we’ve seen that sessions generally don’t go well just because you never really take initiative. So, what you can do here is:

  • Prepare yourself with a strong Introduction to start the initial conversation.
  • You should do some research work before going to any meeting and prepare some questions which you can put over virtual meet.

2. Prepare Your Space

Make sure to check the connectivity and space around yourself before going live. Just ensure to have stable connections, and a favorable atmosphere, and try to check whether your mic and camera are working fine. It helps in identifying and fixing any issue that occurs prior to any meeting and will definitely save you from any chaos. What the best you can do is ‘Run a Demo Test’ beforehand and check if all these are working fine with you or not.

3. Avoid Any Casual Approach

Although you’re joining a virtual meet, you have to make sure that you are maintaining discipline. One should not forget to carry the level of professionalism while going for a virtual connection. Today, people have become so connected with social media that they tend to use slang words and abbreviations which might not fit well for building a healthy professional relationship, so try to avoid any slang that you speak to your colleagues or friends or abbreviations irrelevantly.

4. Share Your Knowledge

Despite the fact that you’re joining any virtual meet to establish a good virtual connection and learn many meaningful things, it is your responsibility to make active participation and do some homework beforehand to make this more interesting. There can be certain things in which you might have the knowledge, try to make an interesting conversation into it and share your thoughts and ideas over that. Don’t just keep silent and listen to others, If you have something to say, come up front and share your views and this is the best way to create a professional connection by sharing and discussing your inputs.

5. Have a Clear Mind

The best way to start ahead of the conversation is to create a small intro that you can share during an opening conversation. You can put up strong bullet pointers too which include about yourself, qualifications, experience, goals, skillsets, and so on. Ensure to have a clear mind before you go for any virtual meet, it entails

  • Preparation of questionaries will make the conversation more interesting.
  • It will help in making impactful insights
  • The better your preparation would be, the easier you’ll be grabbed by the person sitting on the other side.

6. Focus On Your Profile

One of the most interesting parts about making a virtual connection is that it leads you to many paths in the future. Well, as per a survey, it has been found that people have got good career opportunities who have made impactful virtual connections. So, for that, you have to make sure that you do spend some time on your profile too. The agenda of building a virtual connection is to get benefits socially. So, it becomes crucial that you have a decent profile picture and a catchy and sober intro with all the right information in every column.

7. Follow-Ups Are Always a Must

It’s solely your responsibility to make a follow-up right after you finish your virtual meet. You don’t want to let everything go in vain right? So, you have to be highly active during the meet also and post-meet too. Make sure to send them connection requests on any of the social media platforms, mainly where professionals prefer (LinkedIn). Once you’re connected, it becomes easy for you to get in touch with them or if they’ve made some announcements then you can get all of their feeds as well.


As we are now moving towards digitalization, this is going to be a new change and every business and industry would be involved in it. We hope that next time while going out for any virtual meeting, these tips and strategies are going to give you a boost for sure. So, make sure that you do utilize your time well and make every move count for a successful and meaningful virtual connection.