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How to Hire React Developers in Poland

Victoria Puzhevich
Published: May 30, 2022

Creating an engaging app is impossible without a glitch-free, performant, and packed with top-notch features front-end. Front-end developers use a wide range of software development tools to build effective and robust apps, though one the most preferred is React.JS.

React.JS has been keeping a leading position among many software development frameworks and libraries for some years now and seems to continue being a popular tool for front-end development in the near future. In this article, you’ll find out why this frontend development library is so popular and how to hire React developers for your software development projects.

What Is React.JS?

React.JS is a super-powerful open-source JavaScript library created and maintained by Facebook. It’s used for building intuitive and smooth interfaces for single-page (SPA) web and mobile apps.

how to hire a react developer

The most common types of apps created with the help of React.js are e-Commerce portals, online forms, spreadsheets and word processors, file scanning apps, social media sites, file managers and email managers, and many others.

The world-known companies in The Top Fortune 500 list that use React.JS for building their digital solutions are Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Uber, Shopify, Netflix, and many others.

Why Is React.JS Popular?

Many front-end developers prefer using React.JS due to its outstanding functionality and ability to create fascinating interfaces swiftly and easily. Here is a whole set of React.JS features which help this library to stand out among other front-end libraries and frameworks:

  • enhanced performance – React.JS is one of the fastest JavaScript frameworks; it uses a Virtual DOM, a lightweight representation of Real DOM, for page rendering and requires less code, resulting in a more concise codebase;
  • simple scalability – React.JS is a modular library, it has re-usable and easy to scale components; as a result, software developers can start building their apps with a simple MVP and gradually develop the app into a full-fledged solution;
  • sustainability – React.JS is a stable library released by Facebook in 2013; since that time it has rarely changed its interface and all its versions are backward compatible, meaning that software developers can upgrade all their legacy projects to the last version of the library;
  • fast setup – the library offers developers a starter kit framework called Create React App that provides preset configurations; therefore, software developers don’t need to spend time on configuring the library and can start app development much faster;
  • component-based structure – the library has a set of single ready-made components that front-end developers can reuse many times to build complex apps from simple code blocks; this makes app development much easier and faster;
  • SEO friendliness – React.JS Virtual DOM is rendered to the browser as a regular web page which doesn’t have any negative impact on the SEO results in search engines.

Why Is It So Hard to Hire a React Developer?

The world IT market is constantly experiencing a lack of professional talents. According to Gartner, the shortage of IT talent is one of the main factors which slows down the adoption of emerging technologies in various industries. Given this, McKinsey&Company states that the global digitization across industries accelerated 25 times faster with the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. All these results in a significant shortage of professional software developers on the market.

As for React.JS developers, it can be even harder to find and hire highly-skilled and reliable specialists, and here is why:

hire a react developer

React.JS’s popularity and simplicity backfire when it comes to finding and hiring professional developers. Many beginner developers get attracted by the library and choose it as a quick way to enter the software development world. As a result, there is a wide range of React.JS developers of junior and middle levels available on the market, however, the proportion of highly-skilled senior React.JS professionals remains small and, therefore, they’re much harder to find.

That’s why when searching for React.JS developers many businesses turn to professional IT companies as they provide highly-qualified teams of middle and senior developers.

Why Poland?

Poland is one of the leading IT outsourcing destinations in Central and Eastern Europe due to its developing economy, strong STEM education, adaptive legislation, geographical location in the center of Europe, and a great number of IT companies. The IT sector in Poland is quickly growing. In 2021 it employed 430,000 people in 60,000 IT companies in the country.

Polish IT talents are evenly distributed among its major IT hubs which include:

One of the top reasons that make outsourcing software development to Poland an attractive option for many EU businesses is its proximity. For example, Berlin is only 3 hours drive away from Poznan while going to the UK and France from Warsaw will only take 2 hours by plane.

React developers in Poland have also a high level of English language proficiency, which allows them easily communicate with customers all over the globe.

How to Hire React Developers in Poland?

Here are some practical steps on how to hire React.js developers to deliver high-quality products within a reasonable time frame and acceptable price.

Consider the Current State of Your Business Project

Creating a software app is never a cheap and quite a challenging process, therefore, it should be precisely planned and carefully monitored. Before hiring a React.JS development team, you should answer the following questions:

  • What are the project business requirements and goals?
  • Do you have any technical specifications ready or do you need to create them from scratch?
  • Which features should be developed first for the app to be successful?

Find a Proper Software Development Company With React.JS Developers

There is a wide range of companies that offer React.JS development services. To find the best React.JS developers among them, you have to perform thorough research on the potential candidates. Here is what to search for in prospective candidates:

  • proven track record of software development experience on the international market;
  • portfolio with similar software development projects;
  • relevant developer profiles (CV’s);
  • feedback from previous customers that can be found in external reliable sources, e.g. LinkedIn, Clutch, etc.

Decide on the Cooperation Model With Number of React.JS Developers You Need

Once the project specifications and requirements are ready, the next step is to decide what type of engagement model to choose to work with a software development team you require. It can be:

  • a fully-equipped dedicated software development team for building the project from scratch under the direction of project managers from the client company;
  • several outstaffed specialists to join the existing project to add software-development expertise and undertake part of the tasks to complete.

hire dedicated react js developer

Schedule the Interview With Your Candidate

When several potential software development partners are found, it’s time to interview the candidates. Here are the questions you can ask the IT outsourcing company and their specialists:

Questions for an IT outsourcing company:

  • How will the company establish communication between you and your in-house development team?
  • What apps does the company use to track the project development progress?
  • Who will be responsible for the project and who you can contact in case of emergency?
  • How will the company report on the project progress?

What to ask React.JS developers:

  • What is your previous development experience using React.JS?
  • What languages, technology, frameworks, and tools are you comfortable with and which ones do you use on a daily basis?
  • What tech stack did you use for your recent project?
  • How do you structure your everyday work?


React.JS is a highly-popular front-end development library for building diverse digital solutions. Many companies eagerly use the technology for the custom development of their web and cross-platform mobile apps.

However, it’s not easy to find and hire a dedicated React developer in Poland who could entirely meet your business and project needs. There are two reasons for that–shortage of software development talent on the international IT market and high popularity of the library.

SCAND has a team of React developers in Poland of Senior and Mid-level who can start working on your projects right away. Interested to get a quote?