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How to Hire Node.js Developers in Poland

Victoria Puzhevich
Published: October 18, 2022

There is a wide range of programming languages and frameworks software developers can choose from when they consider tech stacks for web application development. However, when it comes to building highly-responsive web solutions that can handle a heavy user load like real-life chats, streaming apps, advanced FinTech apps, e-commerce platforms, and others, many opt for Node.js.

The Node.js popularity is rising rather quickly, yet the demand for Node.js specialists grows even faster. The number of web apps powered by Node.js has grown from 1.5 in 2021 to 2.2% in 2022 worldwide, accounting for more than 30 mln websites throughout the Internet. Meanwhile, the leading countries that empower their web solutions with Node.js include the US, Russia, Brazil, China, India, GB, Germany, and many others.

Thus, it can be rather challenging to find highly-qualified Node.js developers right away. In this article, we’ll explain which skills a professional Node.js developer should possess and how to hire these specialists in Poland swiftly and effectively.

What Makes Node.js So Popular

Node.js is one of the most commonly used web technologies for professional software development. It is a back-end JavaScript-based software development runtime environment that runs on multiple platforms. It means that web developers can effectively launch their apps on Linux, macOS, Windows, and many other platforms. Though, multi-platform use isn’t the only reason why companies actively search for Node.js developers.

Since Node.js is JavaScript-based it allows both front-end and back-end development. It means that when hiring Node.js developers, you virtually obtain full-stack developers that can work with both application layers. By simply integrating the client-side and business logic using one programming language, software developers create fast and smoothly-working apps.

Some examples of apps built with Node.js are real-time chats, collaboration tools, Internet of Things (IoT), streaming apps, Single-Page Applications (SPAs), etc. Learn more when and why to use Node.js for your project.

What Skills A Node.js Developer Should Have

Knowing the basics of the Node.js platform isn’t enough for professional software development. Here is a set of skills a Node.js developer should possess to be able to deliver high-quality solutions:

Working With Cloud-Based Technologies

With Node.js, software developers can build simple-to-scale, resource-efficient, and robust apps which suit perfectly for cloud servers. Therefore, knowing how to work with cloud technologies is a great addition for a professional Node.js specialist.

To effectively build and deploy Cloud applications, Node.js developers should know how to work with Google, Azure, and AWS clouds.

Working With Databases

Working with databases is an essential part of any application. Therefore, Node.js developers should know how to establish their app connection with databases as well as how to configure the data storage.

The most common databases Node.js is compatible with are Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, and many others. All of them include Node.js drives and NPM packages which enable effective database management.

Integration of APIs

Node.js platform is widely used to build API (Application Programming Interface) Services. These services allow the developed software to effectively communicate with other apps as well as establish communication between app elements.

Node.js is a powerful solution that provides a variety of tools for the quick and simple development of APIs for existing apps and app elements. Knowing how to work with APIs enables Node.js developers to build microservices-based solutions. However, to implement APIs effectively Node.js developers also have to learn how to work with Docker, Express and Koa frameworks, Kafka, Kubernetes, and others.

Working With App Security

When building a custom solution, software developers shouldn’t overlook such an important factor as security. Node.js developers should know how to ensure the safety of the developing process and the requested solution.

For this, they have to know how to limit concurrent requests, eliminate module loading, prevent query injection vulnerabilities, adjust HTTP response, embed multi-factor authentication, and much more. Another important detail is that the delivered solution should comply with international rules and safety requirements such as GDPR, and others.

Steps In Hiring Node.js Developer in Poland

Hiring Node.js programmers can turn into a complicated and time-consuming process. That’s because Node.js developers are in high demand today and the local IT market may fail to provide a sufficient number of the required specialists.

Many companies that can’t find Node.js specialists locally turn to outsourcing locations worldwide and Poland is one of them. This country has been developing its IT sector over years and it has become one of the major IT outsourcing providers around the world today.

Currently, there are over 400,000 IT professionals available on the Polish market with over 66% of tech talent employed by foreign capital. Given this, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in this country. Therefore, it won’t be difficult to find seasoned Node.js developers there.

Here is how to find and hire highly-qualified Node.js developers in Poland that would perfectly meet your business and project requirements.

Outline Your Project

Having a clear vision of your product is essential for hiring the right software development specialists. Make a simple draft of your product, and define its objectives and target audience. This way, it’ll be easier for you to meet your business goals with the developed solution.

As you know who your audience is and what objectives you want to achieve, think of the features and technologies you need to add to your digital solution. Also, it’s worth considering time-to-market and if building an MVP is important for your product or not. Outlining the general features of your product will help you to present your idea to the development team during the interview.

Define the Outsourcing Location

While Poland is a great outsourcing option, it has many cities and many more companies that offer software development services. Narrow down your focus to one or two Polish cities so that it’ll be easier for you to find your outsourcing software development partner.

Investigate the Potential Candidates

Compose a list of your potential IT vendors and precisely examine their experience and what services they offer. For this, you can:

  • Study each company’s field of expertise – each software development company has their own expertise and the fields they mostly work in. Thoroughly study their focus and find out if they have previous experience in developing software for your business niche.
  • Investigate case studies – IT companies with much experience in the development market will have carefully arranged case studies. Investigate these cases and consider if the presented solutions have any similarities to your app development project. Pay attention to the tech stack, the customer requirements, and the outcomes.
  • Find out the previous customer feedback – getting in contact with the previous company’s clients will reveal more information about the potential candidate. Before writing or calling, think of the questions you could ask, e.g. about the company’s working style, if the final result was satisfying if the company delivered an effective solution, and how well it complied with the customer requirements, and many others.

Hold Interviews With Node.JS Developers

Finally, when you’ve investigated your potential providers carefully and found out everything you could about them, it’s time to hold an interview with their Node.js developers. To define if each candidate suits your business needs well, you could ask some pre-prepared questions.

Here are the example questions you could ask during your Node.js developer interview:

  • Which methodologies do you rely on in your work?
  • What were the main challenges on your last project and how did you overcome them?
  • Which communication tools do you utilize for daily communication and for emergency cases?


When companies hire Node.js developers, they obtain more than just back-end development specialists. They hire broadly-trained full stack experts who know how back-end and front-end layers work together.

However, hiring Node.js developers is a complicated process as these specialists are highly demanded around the world. Therefore, many businesses search for Node.js developers in Poland.

Today, Poland is among the top IT outsourcing destinations around the world. If you’re searching for Node.js specialists then we’re ready to provide you with the best Polish experts to deliver performant, scalable, and effective digital solutions.