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How to Hire Mobile App Developers in Poland

Victoria Puzhevich
Published: August 5, 2022

Mobile app development is an attractive sphere for many investors today. The market size is growing unprecedentedly – in 2018 its size was estimated at $106.27 bln while by 2026 it’s expected to reach $407.31 bln, growing at a CAGR of 18.4% between 2019-2026. The reasons for this are clear – businesses gain outstanding benefits from wider audience reach to increased revenues. Meanwhile, most users continue using mobile gadgets to access the internet – in 2022 mobile devices will generate almost 60% of the global website traffic, and the figures keep growing.

While the benefits are straightforward, finding the right mobile developers can be a challenge. Building a mobile app requires much time, effort, and expertise. In this article, we’ll explain how to cut down on mobile app development expenses, simply find high-quality mobile developers, and why it’s worth starting your search in Poland.

Why Hire Mobile App Developers in Poland?

Being a major IT hub in Europe, Poland has a large pool of outsourcing software developers who work in various software development fields, including mobile development. In 2022, Poland has over 400,000 competent software developers in the market. It’s a rather high figure for the country. According to Ideamotive, 1.4 people per 100 in Poland are developers. Moreover, the IT industry market accounts for 8% of the Polish GDP.

Many companies from the US, Australia, and EU countries prefer contracting with Polish IT companies as this helps them cut down budget expenses due to lower development rates and favorable taxation as well as quickly find qualified specialists with much development expertise.

When you opt for Polish outsourcing companies you get experienced mobile developers with the needed skills and a European mindset.

Many IT giants choose Poland to open their R&D, BPO, RDC, and other centers there. The world-known companies that work here are Microsoft, Cisco, Google, and many others.

Polish taxation benefits are one more attractive reason for foreign companies to outsource to this country. The Polish government puts much effort into the development of the IT sector in the country. They provide residential companies with substantial tax benefits that significantly alleviate the tax burden for businesses.

Some of the government initiatives are:

  • Foreign tax credit – Poland helps companies to avoid double taxation;
  • Polish Investment Zone – companies can obtain tax incentives even if they are not located in a Special Economic Zone of Poland;
  • Tax relief of R&D companies – Poland makes it easier for R&D companies to cover their taxes, though the tax amount will depend on the company size and type of eligible costs;
  • Innovation Box – is a new mechanism that allows reducing the tax rate from the income that is derived from intellectual property rights;
  • Robotization tax relief – the government alleviates taxes for the taxpayers who invest in robotization, regardless of the size of their operations.

Tips for Hiring Mobile App Experts From Poland

Poland has a vast range of software specialists and businesses that decide to outsource their mobile app development there can easily get lost in all the options. Here are some practical tips that will help you narrow down your search and find the developers that best suit your software development project.

Consider the App Complexity

Resources, budget, and time invested in the mobile app development largely depend on its size, complexity, and features. Some apps are simple to create as they are relying on pre-developed templates while others are more complex and involve a building-from-scratch approach. The amount of code written for an app is determined by the mobile app’s uniqueness.

Think how many features in your app are similar to the solutions provided on the mobile app market. This will give you an idea of how much budget and resources it’ll require to create your digital solution.

Choose the Mobile Platform – iOS/Android or Multiple

Apart from considering your mobile app complexity, selecting the platforms your app will run on is also important. The number of mobile platforms determines the type of mobile app you need:

  • Native apps – are the mobile apps that are built “native” for one platform. It means that they will run only on Android or iOS. Although the platform choice is single, native apps provide outstanding user experience as well as smooth and quick performance.
  • Cross-platform apps – are apps that run on various mobile platforms. On the other hand, they offer a more modest set of features and increased latency in comparison to native apps. Yet, they’re a great choice for those businesses that aim at quickly expanding their target audiences.

Give Preference to Experienced Outsourcing Companies

The more unconventional mobile apps you want to build, the more time and resources it’ll require. You can find one or two freelance mobile developers for building a simple mobile app. However, if your app is more complex, you might need a strong team of experienced specialists who can be found in outsourcing companies in Poland.

Outsourcing providers usually have well-established teams with high-quality specialists who know how to write clean code.

Steps to Hire Mobile App Developers in Poland

As you’ve considered the complexity and type of app you need, it’s time to search for an outsourcing company that could help you deliver the project. Here’s a sample of a checklist of what you need to prepare:

Outline the Project Scope and Prepare the Requirements

If you make a simple outline of your mobile app, it’ll be easier for you to present it to the software development team. Prepare a list of features you want to include in your mobile solution and explain your project vision. This will help your development team better meet your product requirements and simply estimate the time and resources needed for the project development.

Decide on the Project Management and Engagement Model

It’s important to define how you’re going to cooperate with your development team. Therefore, you need to determine 2 things – the engagement model and the project management style or methodology.

There are several engagement models you can choose from:

  • A dedicated team – is a fully-equipped software development team that is managed on the side of the customer. This way you get a well-set IT team that you manage on your own.
  • An augmentation model – is a viable option if you need several IT specialists to add to your existing team.
  • Outsourcing model – works great for those companies that have no IT department or technical background. This way, you order your software from the company and get a ready-made solution.

The project management style depends on the project requirements and app type. It determines how often your team will communicate with you, how they will make product changes, and many more. Currently, the most popular methodology used in IT outsourcing is Agile, find out more details about project methodologies here.

Look for the Mobile Developers

There are many places where you can find mobile software developers in Poland. The time-tested platforms that list IT companies offering their services are Clutch, Upwork, and others. Also, it’s possible to find them on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Look through the potential software development partners and compose your shortlist. Include the companies that have similar to your project’s experience.

Conduct Interviews With the Mobile Developers

As you’ve made your shortlist, it’s time to get in touch with the companies and conduct interviews with the developers. Pay attention to their communication skills – if they’re readily discussing project development aspects, make suggestions, and ask questions.

Also, it’s important to pay attention to their technical skills. Ask about their previous working experience, the responsibilities they had at the projects, how they work with the features you want to implement in your project, etc.


Many companies have found a way to cut down on development expenses while preserving the high quality of their solutions – searching for mobile developers in Poland. Poland has a large IT talent pool with outstanding specialists who have been working in the international software development market for more than 10 years. If you’re considering building your mobile app in Poland then we can help you with that. Get in touch with us to discuss your mobile app development project.