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How to Hire a Java Developer in Poland

Victoria Puzhevich
Published: June 30, 2022

Since its inception, Java has always kept top positions in diverse programming language rankings. In Stack Overflow’s yearly reports Java was steadily ranked the 5th among most used programming, scripting, and markup languages from 2018 to 2021.

Today, Java is still in demand and many businesses include it in their apps’ tech stacks. In 2022, Stack Overflow ranked Java the 6th most used programming language and the reasons for such popularity are simple. Java is robust, easy-to-use, and can be utilized for building practically anything from FinTech solutions to IoT applications, and much more.

While Java is one of the most widely used languages, it can be difficult for companies to find a highly skilled Java team for their software development projects. That’s why, many businesses opt for IT outsourcing and search for Java developers in foreign countries such as Poland – a tech powerhouse in Europe.

In this article, we’ll explain the reasons why to search for Java developers in Poland and give valuable tips on how to hire the best Java developers there.

Why hire Java developers in Poland

There is a wide range of IT destinations where businesses can outsource their software development to. Though, Poland really stands out among all of them and there are several reasons for that.

The main reasons why many businesses around the world consider outsourcing development to Poland are:

  • attractive tax policies – tax incentives in the Polish Investment Zone, tax relief for R&D centers, reduced taxes for the income derived from intellectual property rights, innovative employee tax relief, and much more;
  • top tech talent pool – every year over 66,000 students study ICT subjects in Poland; who of them are ranked high in the QS World University Rankings; the University of Warsaw is ranked 284th and the Jagiellonian University holds the 293rd position;
  • strong orientation towards international projects – most of the Polish developers work for foreign organizations, making up to 66% of all IT experts; meanwhile, ⅓ of all Polish services are exported to the US; the KPMG report states that the US accounts for 11% of the value of FDI into Poland, making 4% of Polish GDP;

Poland provides a wide range of advantages for SMEs and large companies from favorable taxation to moderate software development rates. For those considering searching for Java developers in Poland, the country can offer an extensive software developer pool with over 88,000 employees in the industry. Furthermore, the most popular programming languages in Poland are Python, Java, and JavaScript.

Tips for Hiring Java Experts From Poland

When hiring Java developer talent from remote locations, businesses have to be well-prepared for that. Generally, the hiring process can be divided into two main parts – testing Java developers’ technical knowledge and their soft skills. Here are small tips on what you can do to arrange a successful interview.

Testing Technical Skills

To make sure that the interviewed specialist is a perfect candidate for your software development project, you have to make sure that they have a solid knowledge base. It means that a Java developer knows well general Java-related concepts, e.g. object-oriented programming, SQL queries, and how to work with the most common Java frameworks like Spring, Grails, Hibernate, etc.

The list of questions to ask potential Java candidates might include such questions as:

  • How does Java achieve platform independence?
  • What is JIT, JVM, JRE, and JDK?
  • Why do Java developers need to implement synchronized methods and blocks?
  • What’s the difference between overloading and overriding?
  • What advantages does generic collection provide?

Apart from theoretical questions, you can also include some practical test tasks. For example, the candidate could write a small piece of code in Java. Or, you could ask them if they have a portfolio on their GitHub.

Testing Soft Skills

Checking the candidate’s soft skills is equally important to testing practical skills, especially when you hire Java developers remotely. You need to ensure that the employee will keep you updated on the latest project development steps and that they won’t get lost in problem situations.


To check communication skills, you can ask about the candidate’s previous work and projects, what were the most complex issues on the last project and how they coped with them, what are the challenges they often encounter in their work, and others.

Steps to How to Hire Java Programmers in Poland

One of the most reliable and proven methods to hire highly-skilled software development specialists is to opt for outsourcing companies. Here are the steps you can take to find a reliable software development company in Poland:

  • narrow down your search – focus on the companies from Poland that provide Java development services; look at the companies with similar to your software development project experience;
  • review company’s portfolio – there can be the case-studies similar to your software development project; focus on the technologies and tools the company uses; find out in which software development cases company specialists used Java and if they were successful;
  • get in contact with the company – if you feel like you can’t find more data about the chosen companies, it’s time to get in contact with them; before calling your potential candidates, outline your software development project; this will help you discuss in more detail the cooperation modalities and get a clear picture of what you can achieve with your future software development partners.


Java has been keeping the leading position among the most popular programming languages for a number of years already. It’s widely used for back-end development and software developers and businesses include Java in their project tech stacks for its robustness, multi-platform application, and security.

Despite its broad utilization, it’s not easy to find  experienced  Java developers. Many businesses search for them in Poland. Poland is a major Java developer talent pool that provides highly-skilled professionals all over the world. Most Polish software developers, including Java specialists, work on international projects and are considered among the strongest outsourcing experts around the globe.