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How to get GFG Goodies ?

Sahil Chhabra
Published: October 21, 2022

Quality is another name that defines GeeksforGeeks and you’re the reason we are able to set a standard in the CS/IT domain and become the cream of the crop. We appreciate your contribution and want to thank you by helping you to attain knowledge and get your dream job, along with some exciting GFG Goodies in different ways. 

Below mentioned are a few opportunities through which you can get GFG Goodies.

Problem of the Day – POTD

If you want to brush up on your coding skills and get yourself a reward, Problem of the Day is the best way to earn some exciting goodies. GeeksforGeeks allows you to solve a problem within 24 hours to Earn one Geek Bit, and if you successfully solve problems for 8 consecutive days you will get 8 additional Geek Bits. Once you have earned more than 50 Geek Bits, you can redeem them to get GFG Goodies. 

  • Solve a problem to earn one Geek Bit.
  • If you successfully solve problems for 8 consecutive days you will get 8 additional Geek Bits.
  • You must have over 50 Geek Bits to be eligible for redeeming prizes

    Goodies Giveaways

  • GFG Merchandise
  • Discount on GFG Courses
  • Annual GFG Premium Subscription

Participate in Problem of the Day

Weekly Interview Series

If you are looking forward to preparing for your placements with GeeksforGeeks, here is great news for you. With GFG you can now prepare for an interview of DSA-based coding rounds and get yourself a reward by participating in a weekly recurring contest series that is designed to simulate the coding interview rounds of tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Adobe, Paytm, etc. 

Goodies Giveaways

  • Get 2 Geekbits for participating in the contest.
  • Be among the top 8 rankers on our Monthly leaderboard; get 8 Geekbits as a bonus. 
  • These GeekBits can be redeemed on our rewards page.

Participate in Weekly Interview Series

Technical Scripter Event 2022

GeeksforGeeks presents Technical Scripter Event 2022 – an opportunity to hone your technical writing abilities and get paid fancy, whether you are a student, a graduate, a working professional, or trying to create a career in technology. This event would bring numerous rewards to your door if you believe that your technical writing has the ability to persuade, educate, draw readers in, and keep them interested. 

Goodies Giveaways

  • For 5 to 10 Published Articles – GFG T-Shirt
  • For 11 or more Published Articles –  GFG Bag

You will also get:

  • Certificate + WFH Internship Opportunity
  • Certificate of Participation and Work from Home Internship opportunity to top 100 participants.

Guidelines to participate in Technical Scripter Event 2022

Geek of the Month

If you think you have the ability to contribute quality articles throughout the month, GeeksforGeeks provides you with an opportunity to get exciting rewards and goodies for them, through Geek of the Month. 

Goodies Giveaways

You will also get:

  • GFG Certificate for contribution
  • Badge of Honour
  • Internship at GFG

Know how to become a Geek of the Month


If you have purchased or access to any GFG course that somehow helps you to get placed in a company then your testimonials can help other students to understand the importance of that course. This helpful testimonial can get you GFG goodies like T-shirts, bags, etc. You can send us your testimonials on

Please go through these Testimonials to get an idea .

Please go through our Events page to get the information related to upcoming contests, series and other events.