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How to add and managing multiple warehouses

Vashu Bhatt
Published: September 16, 2022

The most trendy concept is going on and that’s e-commerce which is worldwide. e-commerce simply upgrade the business concept and create opportunity globally. managing multiple warehouses is also a big task for the organisation.

So in this article, you will get to know about warehouse management and how to add multiple warehouses under one location.

managing multiple warehouses is not an easy task for the organisation and

Online shopping is a new experience for the world and many of us are enjoying the concept of online shopping with so many benefits and benefits can be discounts, time savings, wide range and quality.

What is a warehouse?

The warehouse is the place where the organisation keep their products and also the record of its product availability.

A separate team is there to manage the warehouse and perform various activities such as packing, keeping records and managing Incoming/Outgoing stocks

managing multiple warehouses

What is a warehouse management system?

The warehouse management system is the process of managing the inventory/stock of goods available in the warehouse. Every business is running with at least one warehouse as it is mandatory to keep the stock of the product.

Tracking your product stock is one of the best techniques for success in the competition but if you don’t perform the same then it may cause a big loss to the owner.

What are the problems in managing multiple warehouses?

managing multiple warehouses
  • Unable to keep actual records of stock availability.
  • Wrong details can be entered in the record sheet.
  • Too much paperwork for managing the stock.
  • Need proper staff for keeping the records.
  • Limited warehouse managing options.

How do overcome these problems?

As professional e-commerce site runners, we need something that exactly helps in managing the warehouses for an inventory of products.

Need a system that allows adding of various warehouses and easy to manage them, as the platform only allows limited add warehouses options depending on the plan.

We as a Webkul offer a fully automatic system known as the warehouse management system for Shopify which allows admin to take advantages beyond the box.

Top features for managing multiple warehouses

managing multiple warehouses
  • Automatically fetch data of the product stock.

Once you configure the warehouse management system app the product inventory will automatically sync from Shopify to our app, from where you can check the inventory of the product.

  • Admin can add limitless warehouses under one location.

Our app allows the admin to create or add unlimited warehouses under one location to manage the different warehouses from one panel. As per the Shopify plan, there is a limit of location and warehouse.

  • Admin can create a default warehouse also.

Having multiple warehouses creates confusion for the user as once the inventory and order update the user needs to check.

If there are multiple then manually need to check all of them so we introduced a default warehouse option where you can create one on the default warehouse.

  • Admin can manage the order from the different warehouses.

We mentioned here order management, in our app we provide this functionality so when the admin gets an order then from the app admin can manage the outgoing inventory

Must say that it’s the best functionality of the app, as it performs the automatic function of return order management. Once you perform the return order process it will fetch the data and update the inventory.


Thus, that’s all about How to add and manage the unlimited warehouse on the Shopify platform?  If you have any issues, please feel free to add a ticket  [email protected].and let us know your views at our HelpDesk System.