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Google Developers Blog: Dev Library Letters: 16th Issue

Google Developers
Published: December 15, 2022

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Posted by the Dev Library Team

How to exclude stylesheets from the bundle and lazy load them in Angular

by Dharmen Shah

Learn how to load stylesheets only when needed without making them part of an application bundle.

    Check out content from Google Cloud, Angular, Android, ML, & Flutter


  • Check out this Android library that offers dialogs and views for various use cases built with Jetpack Compose for Compose projects by Maximilian Keppeler.

  • Learn how to create and publish your own Android Library with JitPack by Matteo Macri.


  • Dive into into composition and inheritance in Angular by Dany Paredes featuring an example focused on forms that highlights why you should be careful using inheritance in components.

  • Read “Angular dependency injection understood” by Jordi Riera to gain a broader perspective of how it works, why it is important, and how to leverage it inside angular.


  • Learn how Iris automatically assigns labels to Google Cloud resources for manageability and easier billing reporting in this post by Joshua Fox.

  • Check out Glen Yu’s hack for those in regions without access to native replication in “Pulumi DIY GCS replication” – some of these solutions will require understanding of the fundamental building blocks that make up the Google Cloud Platform.


  • Learn how to make Flutter projects scalable by using a modularization approach in R. Rifa Fauzi Komara’s article, “Flutter: mastering modularization”.

  • Check out Let’s Draw by Festus Olusegun, a simple app made with Flutter that enables users to draw art with freehand, line, and shape tools.

  • Explore how to use Cubits from the Bloc library to manage states and get the benefits and drawbacks of this approach in Verena Zaiser’s article.

Machine Learning

  • Get an overview on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs, ConvNets), why they matter, and how to use them in Henry Ndubuaku’s tutorial, “Applying CNNs to images for computer vision and text for NLP”.

  • See why you should add deep learning framework Jax to your stack and get an intro to writing and training your own neural networks with Flax in this introduction tutorial by Phillip Lippe.

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