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Google Developers Blog: Campaign Anomaly Detector

Google Developers
Published: July 6, 2022

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Posted by Elad Ben-David, Meirav Shaul, Dvir Kalev, Roy Sela, Omri Levy, and Tal Rimon Edelstein

A while ago Google released “Account Anomaly Detector” which you know.

A few clients approached the gTech team at Google, asking to add some monitoring capabilities.

That’s why we created an unofficial, open-source evolved version of it. We named it “Campaign Anomaly Detector”. It has recently been published on github, ready for advertisers to deploy and use it for defining and detecting metrics anomalies.

Hosted on github, everyone is more than welcome to contribute more code to this ever-growing project. Happy monitoring!

Solution Requirements

Key Features

Key Components

The solution includes the following components:

Tutorial Video


  • Find the open source repository here


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