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Google Dev Library Letters — 12th Issue

Google Developers
Published: August 9, 2022

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Posted by Garima Mehra, Program Manager

‘Google Dev Library Letters’ is curated to bring you some of the latest projects developed with Google tech submitted to Google Dev Library Platform. We hope this brings you the inspiration you need for your next project!


Shape your Image: Circle, Rounded Square, or Cuts at the corner in Android by Sriyank Siddhartha

Using the MDC library, shape images in just a few lines of code by using ShapeableImageView.

Foso/Ktorfit by Jens Klingenberg

HTTP client / Kotlin Symbol Processor for Kotlin Multiplatform (Js, Jvm, Android, Native, iOS) using KSP and Ktor clients inspired by Retrofit.

Final vs Const in Dart by Sidharth Bahl

Understand the uses of final and const i.e. declaring a variable that does not change its value later.

Machine Learning

Deploying ML models with TFServing, Docker, GKE by Chansung Park

This project shows how to serve a TF based image classification model as a web service with TFServing, Docker, and Kubernetes(GKE).

Google Cloud Platform Machine Learning Samples by Lynn Langit

This repo is a companion to a LinkedIn Learning course on ‘GCP ML Essentials’.

Google Cloud

seftimie/MLessAtScale by Silviu Daniel Eftimie

MLess at Scale: uses BigQuery ML to create and train a model, then exports it to GCP Storage, and finally deploys in a serverless env to Cloud Run using Cloud Build.

Automating income taxes with Document AI by Holt Skinner

A way for a computer to take all the relevant documents and extract exactly what the IRS is looking for.

Curators Corner

Meet our curators who have been working behind the scenes to bring you the best content submissions!

“Angular loves open source because our community of 2M+ developers use Angular in use cases we haven’t even thought of. Community tutorials help create a catalog of new use cases and solve new problems in a practical way.”

Emma Twersky

Developer Relations Engineer & Angular Curator

Key Highlights #DevBadges

Congratulations to all the Dev Library contributors who received Developer profile badges recently!

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