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Global skills and literacy shortfalls in data and analytics

Published: June 16, 2022

Let’s examine why global skills and literacy shortfalls are a problem. In short, the issues tech leaders face when the data is unclear in workforce planning are bottlenecks and roadblocks.

Skills and literacy shortfalls are one problem related to workforce planning. Leaders require formal processes to understand which skills their teams possess and what their teams need to acquire. More often than not, tech leaders run into workforce allocation and recruiting issues. At the same time, individual contributors struggle to understand the starting point to increase their expertise, apply those skills on the job, and move up in their careers. Objective tech skills data is required to move the needle forward in workforce planning. Without objective tech skills data, skills and literacy shortfalls are a roadblock.

Secondly, the developer experience is impacted by a lack of objective tech skills data. When leaders do not have this objective data, they cannot:     

  • Ensure adequate engineering efforts are aligned with the most critical initiatives
  • Pinpoint where roadblocks are most prevalent
  • Identify how to make work pattern improvements. This friction creates wasted efforts, demotivates teams/increases attrition, and puts project delivery at risk, thus becoming both a bottleneck and a roadblock.