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From phones sales to six figures: How ACG helped Winston Smith

Published: August 30, 2022

Cloud upskilling has improved Winston’s life substantially. His goal was to triple his wage; he ended up multiplying it by six. Remote work has also afforded him a ton of flexibility: “The fact I can permanently work from home makes my life so much better.” London public transportation leaves a lot to be desired for Winston, and being able to “do work without worrying about travel, or whether my train’s canceled or not” is a game-changer. “I can’t think of one negative thing about cloud,” he says. In general, what makes Winston proud is how he “wrote my own personal success story. I want to make sure that I can pass it down to my brothers, and make sure they can build themselves good careers, because it’s not always about myself.” 

By no means does Winston want to restrict his knowledge-spreading to the family. He hopes to start a monthly AWS group in his area, where speakers can talk about their cloud experiences and help people get trained. Down the line, he’d also like to create his own digital courses in Africa. “It’s about sharing a common goal and a destiny together.

Looking back, Winston puts a heavy premium on the hands-on learning ACG provided him. “If I didn’t run into ACG, I think my journey would have been a lot tougher. I think that the help that I got through ACG was phenomenal. I think that it made my journey a lot more pleasurable. With the way my life has skyrocketed in every single aspect, I’ve got nothing but love for ACG and Pluralsight.”