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Diwali Celebration 2022 – Webkul Blog

Priyanka Khanna
Published: October 19, 2022

Well, we’ve all pretty much heard and read about what to do on Diwali- how to dress up, how to decorate our homes for Diwali, what to decorate our homes with, what rangolis to make on Diwali, what delicious food to enjoy on Diwali and everything about it. Not forgetting, to search for the best Diwali gifts for our loved ones and corporate Diwali gifts for our corporate families. These are all very standard Diwali essentials and we know you did all these things, just as we did.


But when it comes to celebrating the festival of happiness, joy and lights in our office spaces, you know, the epic office Diwali party; well, let’s just say it’s been a while. With Covid-19 taking over our little and big moments of festivities and joy, all of us shifted to working in isolation through our homes rather than where we used to spend a major part of our day, our offices! Though people initially found working from home, in their PJs all day to be a change that they loved (except for the deadly virus after their lives part), gradually it grew monotonous and just sad. But! This Diwali, Diwali 2022 is pretty special. Because many of the office spaces have opened their doors for working from the office again! And we get to celebrate Diwali there as well!

So here we are, keeping our Diwali Spirit alive and rejuvenated for the most festive festival of them all! We can’t keep calm because we get to celebrate Diwali in our office spaces after so long!

Every Diwali celebration is incomplete without the Diwali special rangoli. So we started a day with some beautiful rangoli because they’re so aesthetic and simply add to the beauty of the atmosphere.

Be it Diwali or any other festival, it is all about keeping a connection with our roots, culture, origin, and preserving it.

To continue the same a number of virtual activities were held with the purpose to bring our tight-knit community even closer. The entire celebration consisted a lot of miscellaneous activities, group work, dance, refreshments, gossip, and whatnot because we believe in working hard, and partying harder where every Webkulites contributes to the best.

Following the nation’s culture and carrying ethnic wear always attracts the best compliments on any occasion, The tradition to crown a Mr. and Ms. Pataka(best dressed) was also accompanied by other activities.

In this way, another year and another day ended with Diwali being celebrated at Webkul, it was a very contended, soothing, and positive vibing environment all around. The event ended with so fascinating moments and created a bond of togetherness among us.