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DevOps Implementation Plan: 4 Solutions

Published: May 4, 2022

Take an e-commerce platform, for example. Today, software developers in R&D might build it. Then, they hand it off to IT. With DevOps, there are no handoffs. Developers and operations work together as a single, cohesive team.

Often, Dev and IT communicate poorly, if at all, due to being siloed with separate management. Even if communication is collaborative and cordial, the two organizations may use completely different tools and processes. And with DevOps, who’s in charge?

Solution: While DevOps implementation requires support and advocacy from the C-suite, some organizations are accelerating the culture change through grassroots methods. For example, you can train a group of software developers who are enthusiastic on how to implement DevOps. Then, you can populate your teams with these DevOps engineers who can start changing the culture and breaking down silos from within.