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Deloitte Interview Experience for Cloud Tech Role

Akanksha Singh
Published: November 18, 2022

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Deloitte visited our campus to hire final-year students(2023 Batch). CSE, ETCE, EE, EIE, ME, and the Power department were allowed to sit for the online assessment. But for some specific roles, some departments were only selected. There were mainly three rounds, the first was a Computer Based Online Recruitment Test (on Amcat). Followed by group discussion and 2 rounds of interviews. There was no negative marking. Both the online assessment and the interviews were held online. 

Round 1 (Aptitude Test): The exam consisted of 3 sections. The questions were easy but the time given was small.

  • English: This section was of 18 minutes and had 18 questions. The questions asked were comprehension, jumbled sentences, and fill-in-blanks.
  • Aptitude:  This section was of 20 minutes and had 14 questions. The questions asked were on time and work, linear equations, time and distance, functions, etc.
  • Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning: The section was of 14 minutes and had 18 questions. The questions were of consisted of pattern recognition, next term of series, situation-based questions, and paragraph-based questions.

After this round 8 people were selected for cloud tech and 30 people were selected for hr tech roles. This interview experience is one of my friends and I will try to be as elaborate as possible. 

Round 2 (Group Discussion): A business case study was given and 5 minutes were given to think on the topic. The case study given was on a fast-food chain and that wants to expand its business. What are the challenges they will be facing and were asked about what are the better ways of expansion? 

After this round, 7 people were selected for cloud tech.

Round 3 (Technical Interview): This round was about 45 minutes. The questions asked were on various technologies.

  • What is polymorphism?
  • What is function overloading?
  • What is method overloading?
  • Explain one-to-many and many-to-one w.r.t DBMS.
  • Difference between 3NF and DCNF.
  • What is Normalisation?
  • Explain your project. (Machine learning project on linear regression was done.) 
  • What is linear regression? Is there a better way to implement it? What are the advantages and disadvantages?  
  • The projects done by you are not real-life based is there a real-life project done by you? (Explained the final year project on EV)
  • Tell me about cloud technology.
  • Have you used cloud tech? Where have you used it?
  • You are better in core subjects. Why do you want to join Deloitte? 

After this round, he got a call for hr.

Round 4 (HR Interview): This round was for about 15 minutes.

  • Introduce yourself
  • Please elaborate on any achievements you are proud of.
  • Why do you want to join Deloitte?
  • Any questions for me? (asked What technologies should I learn if I get selected? )

After this round, 2 students got selected for the cloud tech role and 9 students got selected for the hr tech role.