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Data Structures and Algorithms Complete Course using C++

Madhur Gupta
Published: December 27, 2022

C++ is and will be one of the most demanding programming languages, which is used by over 4 million programmers worldwide. Also, it offers the highest-paying jobs with an average base pay of $103,035 per year. C++ is best known for its reliability, performance, and efficiency. Its usage is extended widely in industries and can be found in video games, servers, databases, space probes, and many others.

Since DSA is the building block of programming, it’s important to have a good grip on it. How about DSA with C++? For all the C++ lovers who want to learn DSA with C++ but are not getting some quality and worthy content – in this article, we’ll be providing you with one of the best DSA course in C++

dsa with c++ course


Data Structures and Algorithms Complete Course using C++ – We’ve got a course for you – DSA Self-Paced which can help you to upskill yourself, be able to solve competitive programming questions, and get you placement-ready. No matter whether you’ve complete knowledge of DSA or not, no matter whether you’re a beginner at DSA, these factors can never be a hurdle if you’re someone who really wants to upskill and build a career in DSA. 

This DSA Self-Paced course covers all the topics of DSA in C++. Also, along with C++, we have Java examples and codes as well for Java learners. You’ll get to learn algorithmic techniques for solving various problems, be interview-ready with some important topics, and eventually learn the basics and advanced level of programming. Through this course, important topics of data structures and algorithms like searching, sorting, trees, and Dynamic Programming, and then can implement these topics on real-world projects.

Why Learn DSA in C++?

Data Structures and Algorithms are the building blocks of programming complex solutions. Using DSA, you can solve complex problems without any hustle. It tells you to choose algorithms based on the program’s needs. C++ helps you in several factors such as memory management and time complexity instructions in an efficient manner and DSA with C++ is a plus point. 

Course Content (DSA Self-Paced Course):

You can master the basics of DSA, practice coding questions, and solve the assessment tests. This is a complete package of video lectures, practice problems, quizzes, discussion forums, and contests. The quizzes and questions given in this course will help you to prepare for SDE interviews with top product-based companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, and Facebook. At such a pocket-friendly price, you get abundant features like:

  • 6 months of one-on-one 24X7 Doubt Assistance
  • Trusted by over 75,000 learners
  • Live community classes (Bi-weekly)
  • Editorial videos are added to all medium and hard problems
  • 60+ hours of learning
  • DSA-based project to help you understand the real-life use of DSA

Syllabus of the Course:

  • Introduction
  • Mathematics
  • Bit Magic
  • Recursion
  • Arrays
  • Searching
  • Sorting
  • Matrix
  • Hashing
  • Strings
  • Linked List
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Deque
  • Tree
  • Binary Search Tree
  • Heap
  • Graph
  • Greedy
  • Backtracking
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Trie
  • Segment Tree
  • Disjoint Set
  • Projects

What You’ll Learn:

  • Master DSA from basic to advanced level
  • How to solve problems that are asked in product-based companies
  • Solve problems in contests similar to coding round for SDE role
  • How to become a strong and efficient developer
  • Practice DSA concepts with a real-time project (Sudoku Solver)

Time Duration: 8 weeks

About the Instructors (DSA Self-Paced Course):

Mr. Sandeep Jain graduated from Dr. Abdul Kalam Technical University with a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. He completed his Master’s degree from IIT-Roorkee and has worked as a full-time Software Developer at D.E. Shaw & Co. His passion for teaching led him to join JIIT Noida as an Assistant Professor. He started GeeksforGeeks in 2009 as a blog, to compile resources on programming, algorithms, and interview preparation. He has curated and mentored the Data Structures and Algorithms – Self-Paced course on GeeksforGeeks, helping thousands of students land their dream jobs.

Course Eligibility Requirement:

This course is eligible for anyone who wants to learn DSA with C++. This is especially for those who are:

  • a student
  • a working professional 
  • wants to switch career from any domain to software engineering domain
  • Anyone who’s a beginner and wants to learn C++ from basics can enroll in this course C++ Programming Foundation – Self Paced

How to Enrol for this Course:

It just takes a few steps to enroll in this course:

  • Go to the course DSA Self-Paced,
  • Click on “Sign Up Now“, 
  • Enter the details (name, email id, college(if student)/organization name(if working), phone no)
  • Complete the payment and you’re all set to learn from this course. 

Benefits You Get:

  • You get placement-ready after learning each and every concept of DSA from this course
  • Also, you get a Course Completion Certificate at the end of this course


This course is a complete package for DSA learners and those who want to learn DSA with C++. C++ has a great demand and thus C++ learners want to explore the language in DSA. Thus, this course – DSA Self-Paced can help you in learning DSA with C++. Enroll for this course now, get yourself upskilled and be placement-ready. 

FAQs on DSA in C++ Course:

Q1. Do I need a computer science background to enroll in this course?

Ans: Not at all, it’s not at all needed to have a computer science background to enroll in this course. Anyone who wants to have a command over DSA with C++ can opt for this course and learn each and every concept in detail. By doing this, one gets full command over it, and also can implement these concepts in their programming career.

Q2. Which companies hire from GeeksforGeeks?

Ans: GeeksforGeeks provides you with the ‘Get Hired With GeeksforGeeks‘ – a standard and reliable job portal to get you various well-paying and worthwhile job opportunities in a single place. It helps everyone (whether it be a student or a working professional) in finding relevant job opportunities conveniently. Also, this GFG Job Portal is helping out employers to find ideal candidates to recruit for their respective organizations.

You need to know that 400+ companies are listed at GeeksforGeeks Job Portal and more than 40000 individuals have already applied for the jobs through the portal. Also, available job opportunities are from Fresher Level to Experience Level of up to 10 years with the salary range from approx 5 LPA to 40+ LPA.

Q3. Can I do this DSA Self-Paced course along with my college?

Ans: Definitely yes, you can definitely enroll and learn from this course along with your college studies. All you’ve to do is just find yourself some time and dedicate yourself to learning as much as possible from this course. Once, you follow this routine, you’re all set for placements as well.

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