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Craig Weiss Names Pluralsight in Top 10 Learning Systems

Published: March 2, 2022

“Organizations have differing needs based on workforce composition, industry, size and many other factors,” says Craig. “By analyzing Learning Systems as a broad category, instead of several silos, buyers are able to create efficiencies, mixing and matching the specific capabilities they need for achieving their unique business goals.”


The industry is experiencing a convergence among the categories. The distinctions between them have become more blurred. In the past, for example, an LMS may have focused more on the administrator’s requirements, whereas a Learning Platform centered primarily around learners’ needs.


Today, the line between these categories is fuzzier. Craig’s 2022 report cites Pluralsight Skills as “the first 100% skills learning platform ever to break into the top 10 learning system rankings.” Notably, he provides equally high marks for Learner Experience and Administration UX. He remarked that Pluralsight’s “data visualization excels in the industry, clearly in the top three for 2022.”