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Cognizant Digital Nurture 2.0 Interview Experience 2022

Published: July 29, 2022

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What is Digital nurture 2.0?

Digital Nurture 2.0 is a transformative training and recruitment approach for you while you are in the 6th semester, which will enable you to grab a Genc Next role with Cognizant in niche technologies.

Eligibility Criteria:

  •  Your College should be the part of Digital Nurture 2.0 cognizant Program.
  • Only those college candidates would be eligible
  • Academic Marks Should be >70% throughout your School to Degree till 4 semesters.
  • No Backlogs Allowed
  • Courses-B.E/B.TECH/CS/IT/Circuit streams

Step 1:

  • Resume Shortlisting-Candidate will be shortlisted on the basis of their resume for Dotnet Developer /Java Developer in the GencNext role.

Step 2:

Assessment Round – Shortlisted students will need to qualify for this assessment round that includes Basic Test: Level: Medium; Duration: 120 Min; Platform: Mettl

  • Coding (3 questions based on arrays, strings, etc)  Suggestion-do this with that programming language you selected like java for Java Developer and C# for .netDeveloper
  • MySQL (write command), 
  • UI (web features based MCQ) and 
  • Advance UI (MCQs with multiple correct answers)

Step 3:

Role Based Deep Skill Phase: Deep Skilling is the nurturing program through which the student who qualified above round are given role-based self-learning course on Udemy through Cognizant.Udemy Access ID and Password.
Students are required to learn and complete the Udemy Courses such as Nunit Testing using C#, Microsoft SQL Server, Entity Framework, and Asp.Net for .Net role.

Also, they need to complete the Assessment provided on the tekstac platform regarding the course and complete 80 % of the Assessment, and 70% Udemy Course will be eligible for Technical Interview Round.

Step 4:

Technical Interview Round- My Experience: This will be a purely technical round that can run up to minimum 40 minutes and a maximum of 50 minutes and in my case, it went up to 50 minutes.

Firstly interviews with Cognizant are taken place at Superset Platform where you have to wait for 15 minutes before your time slot is given.

Questions Asked:

  1. Hello MR.. Kindly introduce Yourself Suggestion-( Explain the introduction and tell about your technical skills you learned and project you made during your journey )
  2. 2 coding Questions like reverse given String and find maximum element in Array ->you have to write the codes and explain the logic . you need to write the code on superset platform that includes compiler of your choice of programming language.
  3. Write SQL queries question eg: find maximum salary of employee and find second maximum salary in employee table. 
  4. OOPS question -Polymorphism and its type and also explain type , Inheritance and its type ,class and object , Abstraction ,and its need.
  5.  Normalization and Triggering 
  6. Thank You from my side .Any Question from Your side then just ask question about there culture and opportunity they provide for freshers.

HR Interview Round:

  1. briefly introduce yourself
  2. are u ready to relocate?
  3. show your ID card
  4. Pan Card
  5. Alternate Mobile No. and Email Id

I am Just waiting for result and then I will add next step.