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Cloud Transformation Day: 5 Challenges of Cloud Computing

Published: January 6, 2023

But as the technology evolves, so too must organizations. The reality is transformation at this scale is easy to talk about, but hard to do. Still, most of the cloud computing challenges organizations face aren’t technical. 

Transformation at this scale requires three aspects of your business adapting at the same time: people, processes, and technology. And the primary focus for the last decade has been technology. Now, we’ve hit a point where many technology transformations stall or fail because technology came such a long way, but people and processes did not. The reality is enterprises have been building on and creating new systems without replacing old ones for more than a decade (hello, technical debt), which makes it increasingly difficult to meet new technology expectations. 

The cloud makes it much easier to develop, implement, and maintain these plan and scale systems. You just have to drop the technical debt anchor you’ve been dragging behind you to be able to make the change. That makes the path easier to follow, but there are still some obstacles to overcome once you leave your excess baggage behind.