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Chai Point Interview Experience for SSE

Akanksha Singh
Published: May 18, 2022

I interviewed at Chai Point for the SSE role and the whole process took a month to complete.

Screening round: This round was carried out on call followed by a Technical Round which was taken by a Team Lead at CP.
First-round questions were based on Java concepts, spring boot, java 8 features, Api’s, and all. After clearing this round there was a second technical round which was taken by a Technical Manager.

Technical round: This round was purely based on DSA. Asked questions on Binary Tree, implement queue using stack, Circular Linked list implementation and collections framework and at last, gave a problem-solving question mentioned below.

After clearing this round we had a director round which was taken by the Director of Engineering at CP.
Asked a few basic behavioral questions and gave a problem-solving question to derive a formula to give the angle between the hour and minute hand at a particular time.
After this round HR discussion was there where the basic HR-related questions were there and salary negotiations stuff.