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CAPM Certification Training for Project Managers

James Payne
Published: September 8, 2022

Project Management Certifications

The career path for project managers is booming, especially in the realm of software development. Part of this is due to the necessity of remote development teams spread out across a diverse geography, spurred on by the recent pandemic. Add to this the benefits organizations are experiencing with this new(ish) working model, and you can see why remote development is becoming the norm versus a passing trend.

Of course, managing the difficulties associated with having remote programmers, IT professionals, and employees in general has made the role of project manager more vital than ever. With this growth in career opportunities for project managers comes increased competition for such roles, and, as such, would-be project managers need to have every advantage possible. One way to get such an advantage is to become a certified project manager, which is what this project management tutorial is all about. In particular, we will be looking at the Certified Associate in Project Management Certification (CAPM) and the virtual training and preparation course offered by Master of Project Academy.

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What is the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification?

The Certified Associate in Project Management – commonly referred to as CAPM – certification is a program created to help project managers have the skills and competencies required for entry-level or early career positions in project management roles. It is often the first in a series of PM certifications a project manager would pursue during their careers.

The CAPM certification is acquired through the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is the first step to obtain the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, which is also part of PMI. The certification itself costs $300, with a discount for those who have a membership with the Project Management Institute.

What are the Requirements for CAPM Certification?

Outside of the $300 fee to take the CAPM exam, project managers will have a few other hurdles to tackle to obtain CAPM certification. For starters, you will need either a high school degree, a GED, or an associate degrees (or two-year equivalent). In addition, project managers have to have acquired 23 hours of project management education, administered through an accredited organization, such as a college or other institution. There are plenty of online courses for project management that can help fulfill this requirement.

A few other quick things to note about CAPM certification. For starters, the CAPM exam contains 150 questions, which students have three hours to answer. Once earning your CAPM certification, your education is not complete – project managers holding the CAPM certificate will still need to earn 15 continuing education points – known as PDUs – every 3 three years to maintain certification. These PDUs can be earned through webinars, seminars, workshops, online courses, and project management conventions that offer PDUs through courses.

You can learn more about the Project Management Institute by visiting its website:

Online CAPM Certification Training Courses

Master of Project Academy, a website that offers online training courses for project management certifications (and corporate training as well), has a new class called the CAPM Online Class Virtual Training that helps project managers fully prepare for every aspect of the CAPM certification exam. The training is virtual and offering online over the course of 3 days, with 23 contact hours. Students who have taken this course have a 99.6% first-time pass rate. This figure is garnered from 250,000 students who have taken the CAPM exam.

The CAPM certification prep is fairly flexible, with many options available. The course is designed to fit the students schedule, online, at the students own pace. One great element of this virtual training is that there is 24-hour support available for pupils that have questions or trouble with coursework or lectures.

Benefits of CAPM Certification Training with Master of Project

There are several benefits for students that opt to take the Master of Project Academy’s online CAPM Certification training course. They include:

  • 99.6% Pass Rate
  • 3 Day, 23 Hour CAPM Training
  • Live lectures from instructors
  • Offered on both weekends and weekdays
  • Available online, built to accommodate a students schedule
  • 23 Hour Certificate upon completion

Topics covered during the online CAPM exam training course include:

  • How to create a high-performing team
  • How to get started with your project
  • How to “Do the Work” successfully
  • How to keep your team on track
  • How to keep the business in mind
  • Agile project management practices
  • Real-life project management cases
  • CAPM Practice Exam

To learn more, visit Master of Project Academy’s official page for their Online CAPM Certification training course.



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