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Briskminds Software Solutions Private Limited Interview Experience

Akanksha Singh
Published: December 30, 2022

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Recently, Briskminds Software Solutions Private Limited visited campus. In total there were two technical rounds and one HR round, We had a placement drive talk in which they introduced us to the company culture and what it does the company do. 

The rounds were as follows-

  • Written Coding Test
  • Face to Face (Technical Round)
  • HR Discussion

In the Written Coding Test, there were 3 Questions in total. 

  • The first question is to print the pattern the question was pretty basic 
1234 4321
123  321
12     21
1          1
  • The second question is to convert decimal to binary without using other APIs.
  • The third question was to shift the array by 4 times. Here is the same question on GFG here is the link

The result is awaited for the second round. I’ll update you with the new questions as soon as I get the result.