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Bobble Ai Interview Experience for Software Engineer (Intern+FTE) 2022

Akanksha Singh
Published: July 21, 2022

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I am 3rd year CS Undergrad working as Software Engineer Intern at Bobble Ai. The interview process took around 1 week including the result declaration, and the entire process was very smooth. It was an on-campus opportunity that came through e-litmus, students with good e-litmus scores and good hands-on experience as described in their resumes were shortlisted for direct interviews.

Round 1: Technical Round: The interview starts with the interviewer giving the introduction, and then asking for mine. The following questions were asked by the interviewer:

  • My knowledge about the products made by the company
  • About my projects 
  • The language I’m comfortable with
  • What is threading?
  • How does race-condition work if two threads are working in parallel?
  • How to prevent race conditions?
  • How hashmap is not relevant for threading (we had a good discussion on that)
  • What are hashmap and HashSet?
  • Programming: A simple DSA question, based on searching and implementing hashmap, I asked the interviewer whether I can use STL or not, and he permitted me. I easily coded that!
  • Hashing
  • Few SQL queries
  • A few DSA-based questions

  He asked me whether I have any questions, and I asked one.

Round 2: HR Round: The interviewer was very calm and composed, and just made me relaxed for the interview. The questions being asked:

  • My introduction
  • About the product 
  • My flexibility
  • Whether I’m open to working at any shift
  • With tight deadlines, how will you handle and complete the project?
  • How will you convince your manager of something that’s not possibly been done by you if the deadline is very close and you have another way for that?
  • What if the company needs you in a few weekends?
  • In what kind of organization do you see yourself working?
  • What if we ask you to come and work with us offline?
  • And a few other behavioral question

Then he asked me, whether I have any questions, so I asked one. I got the mail after 2 days stating I’m selected for Internship + FTE


Conclusion: Be confident in whatever you speak, if you don’t know something say directly rather making something of your own.