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BigCommerce Pardot Connector – Sync data from Bigcommerce to Pardot

Vaibhav Mishra
Published: July 1, 2022


BigCommerce Pardot Connector helps you to connect your BigCommerce store with Pardot. It will allow you to directly sync your store data like Customers, Subscribers, and Order Customers into the Pardot as a “Prospect”.

With the help of BigCommerce Pardot Connector, the admin can easily sync the data into the campaigns associated with your Pardot account so that prospects can be easily targeted through various Pardot campaigns.


  • Admin can sync customer’s from BigCommerce to Pardot as a Prospect.
  • Order’s customer export to Pardot as a Prospect from BigCommerce.
  • Export Subscribers as Prospect to Pardot from BigCommerce.
  • Real-time exporting can be enabled or disabled for certain entities.
  • Each entity has its own view that includes search, sort, and filter options.

The Flow of Installation and Configuration

After installing the application i.e BigCommerce Pardot Connector into your BigCommerce Store, You need to follow below steps:-

Step 1:- Click on Authenticate with Salesforce as shown in the below screenshot to authenticate with Salesforce Org. Once the authentication is successful, you will see the Business unit ID and the associated campaigns with your Pardot account.

You can also Enable/Disable the auto sync for Customers, Subscribers, and Order Customers.

How to configure the application with pardot account

Step 2:- After configuring your Pardot account with the connector, you will be able to sync your past data for customers by clicking on the sync button shown below in the image. In the Customers section, you will be able to see the data synced with the Pardot including the sync status and Prospect ID.

Customer section for syncing the customer data

Step 3:- Similarly, you can also sync the data for Subscribers and Order Customers by following the above steps in their appropriate section i.e Subscribers and Orders Customers.

Subscriber and Order Customers’ data sync with Pardot

Step 4:- In the My Subscription section, Admin will be able to check their subscription information related to the BigCommerce Pardot connector.

Subscription details


If you need any kind of support/assistance then kindly raise a ticket at or drop a mail at [email protected]