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Best Online Courses to Learn JavaScript

Ronnie Payne
Published: September 23, 2022

By all accounts, JavaScript is the most widely used programming language in the world. It frequently tops developer surveys and even people who are not developers but work in the IT realm tend to know a little bit of JavaScript. The scripting language is fairly simple to learn and a great addition to a resume, either as a primary or secondary language. With that in mind, we have gathered up a list of some of the best online courses to learn JavaScript.

Online Courses to Learn JavaScript

JavaScript ranks up there as one of the simplest programming languages to learn. It is powerful and serves many uses, but is primarily known as a scripting language to add functionality to websites and web applications. Part of its popularity is the fact that it is used in conjunction with other languages – most notably HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). More robust programming languages, like Python, Perl, Ruby, and PHP, can all take advantage of JavaScript as well.

There are plenty of online resources devoted to teach programmers how to code in JavaScript, including the site you are reading this on (just visit our JavaScript section). However, some people learn better in a classroom environment. The online JavaScript courses listed below offer just such a setting.

Learn JavaScript in Unity3D in 1 Hour for Beginners from TechRepublic Academy

JavaScript courses for developers

We start our list of JavaScript courses with a unique offering from TechRepublic Academy. Learn JavaScript in Unity 3D in Hour for Beginners is exactly what the title implies. It is a sixty-minute crash course teaching pupils the fundamentals of game design within the Unity3D game engine, using JavaScript.

As the course is designed for beginners, no prior knowledge is required. In addition to fundamental JavaScript, students are guided through how to use the MonoDevelop code editor, how to add game objects (such as enemies, walls, weapons, and so forth), and manipulate those objects from within Unity3D.

Keep in mind that this course is only an hour long, and while it packs in a lot of information, it is meant to be a jumping point to get students into JavaScript coding and game development. You will need a copy of Unity3D (you can use the free version) and a computer capable of running it, which is most modern computers.

You can learn more about this course by visiting its listing page on TechRepublic Academy: Learn JavaScript in Unity3D in 1 Hour for Beginners.

JavaScript Beginner Bootcamp Course

JavaScript Course

If you are looking for a more robust online course to learn JavaScript than our first entry – or want to build upon the knowledge you learned there – the JavaScript Beginner Bootcamp Course is a terrific place to start. Featuring 20 hours of content and accessible anytime, 24/7, this bootcamp features 184 lectures and comes with a certificate of completion.

The course starts off by teaching basic JavaScript syntax and coding principles. From there, students learn how to create interactive web pages and how to deploy them to a hosting server. Then it is time to move on to create small – but functional – web apps to further cement your knowledge. Finally, you will be presented with a number of “algorithm whiteboard challenges”, which are designed to prep you for real-life programmer interviews, where you are often asked to solve some sort of coding problem or provide a solution to a programming challenge. This part, in particular, is invaluable if you intend to have a career as a web developer.

You can learn more or sign-up for this course by visiting its TechRepublic Academy page: JavaScript Beginner Bootcamp Course.

The Complete JavaScript and jQuery Programming Bundle

JavaScript Online Classes

Getting a great gig as a web developer, ultimately, will require more skills than simply learning JavaScript (unless you want an entry level developer job). A well-rounded web developer will have several scripting languages and technologies under their belt, including HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, and a working knowledge of popular web frameworks as well. All of that may sound daunting, but, fortunately, courses like The Complete JavaScript and jQuery Programming Bundle exist, which package all of these things – and more – ina neat little, well, bundle.

This JavaScript course is actually several courses bundled into one. The first part teaches students the basics of JavaScript in an hour. Next up, the same approach is taken, as course two covers jQuery – also in an hour. Moving into more meaty territory, course three gets students up and running as they develop their first front-end website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

From there, students dive into AJAX and JSON before heading into course five, which gives you a peek at web app creation with the web frameworks React and Redux. From there, another very popular web development platform, Bootstrap 4, is showcased. Then the series ends in a grand finale as students take one more course on JavaScript AJAX coding.

If you want to learn more, you can visit the course listing on TechRepublic Academy: The Complete JavaScript and jQuery Programming Bundle.

The JavaScript DOM Game Developer Bundle

Online Courses to Learn JavaScript

One of the best ways to learn how to learn any programming language is by using is to create games. The JavaScript DOM Game Developer Bundle makes our list for just that reason. Not only will you learn JavaScript and game development fundamentals, but, by the end of the series of courses you will have created several games and web apps that you can use as your portfolio when you begin searching for web developer or game developer jobs.

There are 8 JavaScript courses included in this bundle. During each, students will learn the following:

  • How to use HTML5 Canvas to create 5 video games and 5 projects
  • How to create 5 word games in JavaScript
  • Learn JavaScript math principles by developing a math game
  • How to create dynamic and interactive web pages and games using JavaScript Document Object Model (DOM)
  • How to create 5 more HTML games
  • How to create a Pacman-style game with JavaScript DOM
  • How to create 5 unique JavaScript apps from the ground up

You can learn more and sign up for this 50 hour JavaScript course bundle by visiting its page: The JavaScript DOM Game Developer Bundle.