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Bank of Montreal’s tech fluency journey

Published: September 27, 2022


How Do You Build an Acumen in Technical Skill Sets in the Finance Sector?


Christine: We wanted to advance the skill sets within the bank while doing it in a way that’s most meaningful to our people and our business. We wanted to focus on personalization; everyone doesn’t learn in the same way. Everyone doesn’t need to develop the same skills or even at the same proficiency levels. Digital tools like Pluralsight allow us to give people more of what they need, which is hypercritical in an environment where people have limited bandwidth to focus on learning. We want to ensure that the things we present to them are most relevant. 

Larissa: One way we’ve tried to fill in resource gaps is through contingent talent. We would love to create and build those capabilities and skill sets with our people. Forty percent of what you might be doing in your job today will not exist five years from now. These skills we need always to be five years ahead. 

One of our big goals is to invest in our people. We also know that people who work in technology want to be masters at what they do. We want to build capabilities, and we want to keep people once they have those capabilities. To do that, we need to constantly provide opportunities to grow, learn, and become masters at what we do. 

In a broader context of the organization, we know that skills should be at the center of what we’re doing. We need to map skills to particular roles. We need to allow people to assess themselves so employees can own their career paths. By doing that well and having the digital tools to support our employees, we completely democratize the concept of career development. That is something that matters a lot as we look forward and want to have an inclusive organization. You don’t need to wait for somebody to tap you on the shoulder. You have the things available to you to be able to successfully own your career.