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AWS re:Invent: How to become a cloud-native enterprise

Published: December 30, 2022

Before focusing on talent, organizations must achieve a better flow for development. 

A simple way to think of it? Innovate. Scale. Commoditize.

An enterprise’s Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) is where to begin identifying architectural patterns, controls, costs, and how teams should be thinking about cloud native development. Tech leaders need to ask, “What are the rules so no one creates harm to themselves, customers, or the organization?” This puts the guardrails in place so users can experiment without causing irreparable damage.

Problems typically arise when it’s time to go from being a cloud center of excellence to one of enablement. As organizations upscale, the goal should be for many people across the organization to have access to a solution, use it, and see if they come up with something that improves on the original solution.

Unfortunately, Drew has seen instances where centers of excellence shut down anything that doesn’t adhere to best practices. Instead of learning from their team, they create layers of abstraction to prevent it from happening again.

Instead cloud centers of excellence should learn and curate from individual team members. The team should evaluate the ideas, then harden and redistribute them back to the organization. Organizations that encourage and enable innovation across the board (not just in the IT department) are the ones moving toward being truly cloud native.