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AWS re:Invent: Cloud-based talent management strategies

Published: November 28, 2022

Cloud has a unique culture. And that culture comes with a language. Cloud literacy is the ability to speak that language and understand the big-picture solutions cloud computing brings to the table.

As more and more leaders (75% to be exact) default to cloud computing for new projects, your team needs a common understanding and vocabulary to discuss solutions to business problems. Without it, your development teams are disconnected from the rest of your organization. You can try to find translators, but the better move is to create organizational cloud literacy.

When everyone in your organization, even those in non-technical roles, understand the foundations of cloud computing, it’s easier to move from ideation to implementation. Sales can provide real-time, relevant feedback to development teams as they interact with customers. Project managers can better prioritize and run their project boards. HR understands the type of developer your organization needs to execute on cloud strategies. A basic understanding of cloud computing creates efficiencies across your organization that generates real returns.

According to an unpublished A Cloud Guru survey, 96% of learners feel more confident in the work they do because of course libraries like the ones Pluralsight Skills offers. Furthermore, 40% of those same learners identified improved team communication as one of the greatest benefits.