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Avaya Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

Akanksha Singh
Published: July 15, 2022

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I appeared for the AVAYA  test + Interview in July 2022 through college placement for a Software Engineer role. Total 3 rounds conducted

Round 1(Test Aptitude + Technical MCQS + Coding Qs): So round 1 was of average level. The Technical MCQs was based on Core subjects like Operating system, Computer Network, Object-Oriented programming, and C/C++ Programming. There were 2 coding questions 1 was easy based on the array and another was medium. I was able to solve the first question. 

The test was divided into the following sections.

  • 30 Aptitude questions – 30 mins
  • 20 Technical MCQs – 30 Mins
  • 2 Coding Questions – 20 mins.

Round 2 (Technical ): After giving the test they announced a shortlist for the interview of 33 students I was one of them. Round 2 was on the same day just after the results of round 1 and lasted for almost 45-50min. 2 people were interviewing me. 

  • The interview started with questions based on the internship I had done previously and a lot of questions based on the work I have done in my previous internship. 
  • They asked a lot of questions about computer networks.
  • Explain Client-server architecture.
  • How socket works? write code of working of the socket.
  • OSI Model. Told me to explain Each Layer.
  • Questions on the Operating system. 
  • Process Synchronization? Algorithms?
  • Process vs Thread.
  • How do threads share the same memory? Write code 
  • Critical Section problem, Semaphores
  • Inheritance
  • Q’s on a resume.
  • Write code on the Insert node in the middle of the Linked List.
  • Detect loop in LL. Write code.
  • Array Q’s. an array of objects CPP
  • Heap stack
  • JavaScript Q’s threading
  • Tree graphs time complexity traversal algorithm real-time ex
  •  LL vs array

Round 3 ( Technical + HR): Round 3 was on the same day. 

  • Asked Questions about family background 
  • Given one code asked me the output. 
  • puzzles 3-4
  • what are your strengths 
  • where you see yourself after 5 yrs 
  • Higher studies plans
  • Situation-based questions
  • What do you do in your free time.
  • How to resolve conflicts in the team.
  • How to handle critical situations.

Suggestions: You should know everything about your projects and technologies. You should have basic knowledge of OS, DBMS, CN, OOPs, And DSA subjects.