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Auto-payment in the product auction app

Sagar Satti
Published: August 9, 2022

We are here with a new gateway integration for auto-payment in the product auction app i.e, You can use this feature for auto charging the auction winner once the auction is ended.

Go to “auction configuration” and then enable autopay to use the autopay feature . Once the autopay feature is enabled, you can opt for the gateway you want to integrate for autopayment. To use, choose the same and save. (refer to the below-attached screenshot)

Once this is saved, you need to configure your “” account into the auction app by saving your API details. For that,
1. Click on “edit payment configuration”.
2. Select the environment.
3. Enter your “secret key” and “public key”
4. Save.

Once the API details are saved, your account will be integrated with the product auction app for auto-payments.

You will get these API details from your dashboard
1. Log into your account.
2. Go to “settings”
3. Go to “Channels”
4. You will get the “secret key” and “Public key ” here.

If you don’t have an existing account on “” then you can request the same from here

Now, please check the additional settings for autopay explained below:


In case you want to charge your winners in bulk at a particular time of the day, you can enable the “bulk autopay orders” feature. For example: Charging all the winners declared in the last 24 hours at 2:00 PM every day.

Please note: In case of bulk autopay, there will be a single order if a winner has won multiple auctions.

Enable the “bulk autopay order” setting from here (refer to the screenshot)

SHIPPING METHOD for auto-pay.

Enable this setting if you want to apply shipping rates and allow customers to select the shipping method set up on your Shopify store before bidding.


Enable this setting if you want to apply taxes that are set up on your Shopify store in auto-payment of winning auctions.

Front-end flow:

Let us checkout the front-end flow of these features from the customer’s point of view.

Once the bidder clicks on “Place bid” to place the first bid, there will be a pop-up asking for the card details of the bidder so that the card is charged automatically in case the bidder wins the auction.

Once the card details are saved, there will be another pop-up asking for the “shipping method” that the bidder needs to save.

Now once the shipping method is saved, the first bid will be placed and the bidder can place further bids.


Moreover, the customer can update the card details and shipping methods from the “my account section here.

NOTE: In case the winner card is declined or the payment failed, the same will be reflected in the auction details and the order will be canceled from Shopify end. (refer to the attached screenshot)