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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1

Akanksha Singh
Published: June 9, 2022

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I’ve applied through the career page of Amazon. and After approx. one month got mail for OA.

Round 1: First round was an Online Assessment round. there were two coding questions for these two questions I had to write code and explain the solution through by writing text. 

After 15 days I received a call from HR and asked for availability. And next two rounds were scheduled on the same day.

Round 2: Second round was the DSA round. The interviewer had asked two coding questions for these questions I had to write clean code.

  • Implement minStack using one stack.
  • We have given a list of strings. so we have to group the anagrams.
Ex: ["eat","fat","tae"]
sol: [["eat","tae"],["fat"]]

Also asked questions related to leadership principles.

Round 3: The interviewer started with his intro and asked me to give my intro followed by two coding questions.

  • I didn’t remember the exact question but it was related to finding a cycle in a directed graph.
  • Find the longest palindrome that can be built by using characters of a given string.

and then asked situation-based questions.

The next day I received a call from HR and said that you had cleared both rounds and asked for availability for the next two rounds.

Round 4: This round was a Bar raiser round. In this round interviewer started with an intro and followed by situation-based questions. Then asked one coding question.

  • We have given a text and some pattern, so we have to find a minimum length substring that contains all characters of the pattern. And gave me a chance to ask questions to him.

Round 5: This one was a Hiring manager round and after introducing each other interviewer asked one coding question.

  •  Implement a queue using two stacks. After writing the code interviewer had given me a chance to ask questions.

After four days I got a call that I’d been selected for SDE 1.

Verdict: Selected


  • For amazon you should practice some situation-based questions.
  • Practice writing the code on a simple editor(notepad) because they will ask you to write code on these types of editors.
  • Prepare some questions to ask to interviewer that will make a good impression to interviewer.
  • If you are having short amount of time then go through the interview experience on gfg.