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Advance booking feature on your Shopify online store –

Vashu Bhatt
Published: November 2, 2022

We all are aware of the online store, but in this article, we will see how you can add the advance booking feature or the pre-order app to your Shopify online store.

Advance booking system is also known as the pre-order system which means you can book the product in advance even if the product is out of stock or not yet launched in the market for sale(upcoming product).


In the competitive business environment, no one wants to lose a single sale. Everyone is adapting technology to achieve the target and to maintain stability in the competition.

About the Shopify platform!

Shopify was introduced by a Canadian multinational e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Shopify is a SAAS-based technology e-commerce platform.

The ( SAAS )platform simply means the software as a service that helps to run your platform with smooth functioning with less effort of managing the server, hosting and so on. a continuous support

Benefits of having a Shopify online store:

Advance booking

Some benefits of the Shopify platform are listed below.

Easy to access:

Shopify offers a great and easy UI (User-Interface) to make your experience with Shopify easy and attractive.

Shopify offers a detailed user guide name Shopify help centre which explains all the features and the process of activating and deactivating.

support availability

Platform Shopify is not limited to user guide support also do provide live chat support even you can also connect with them via mail.

Availability of add-ons

It is one the best platform in supporting third-party apps that are compatible with it. we as a Webkul offer various apps for the Shopify store user.

Theme dependency

As we all know Shopify is the theme of dependency which allows you to customize your store front end by editing theme code.

POS (point of sale)

Shopify provides its own Point of sale where you can manage your offline store sales activities.

Advance booking feature

So basically advance booking option allows you to create an option to book the product in advance that is not in stock.

Or it has not been introduced in the market yet. so that customers can book the product for future reference.

Let’s explore more about the Pre Order app for Shopify by WEBKUL.

As Webkul introduce an application for the Shopify platform which helps both the admin and the customer

To know more about the installation click here!

Top features of our pre-order app (advance booking) for Shopify:

  • The user may add items for pre-order.
  • All pre-order-related options are configurable.
  • A “Pre-Order Product” can add to a list of product launches.
  • Even if the products run out of stock, customers can still order them.
  • And once the item is back in stock, purchasers will receive a mail notification.
  • Customers’ payment options can be configured by the administrator.
    i.e., whether they will pre-pay in full or in part when placing an order for any product.
  • Additionally, the app’s labels can be customised by the admin.

Let’s check how it looks on the product listing page of Pre-booking app.

On the product listing page, you will have the list of all products with their pre-order amount and some basic information. it will act as a quick view of the list of the products

Advance booking

Product page:

On the product page you will get information about the specific product also can select the exact variant of the product and proceed with the pre-booking.

Advance booking

Examples of Pre-order :

Case1 of Pre-order app:

A mobile company is going to launch a new smartphone costing 100$

You as admin of the online store create the same product but only for pre-booking with a booking amount of 25$ or an amount of your choice.

It also allows your customer to pay the full amount of the booking amount.

Case2 of Pre-order app:

You are running an online store for furniture, and in your online store, the most in-demand chair is out of stock.

so as admin you can create pre-booking option for that chair so that once in stock you can start processing to fulfilment of the order.

Also, charge the booking amount as a partial payment or ask for the full payment in advance.


Thus, that’s all about the Why is quick to order important in the E-commerce industry. If you have any issues, please feel free to add a ticket to [email protected] and let us know your views at our HelpDesk System.