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Adobe ColdFusion And Lucee CFML Roundtable

Published: May 4, 2022

I recently had the great pleasure of appearing on the ColdFusion Alive podcast, hosted by Michaela Light. On Episode 113, I sat down alongside Charlie Arehart, Gert Franz, and Mark Drew to talk about the state of ColdFusion; and, the healthy tension created by having both a commercial product (Adobe ColdFusion) and a massively successful, open-source CFML engine (Lucee CFML). I make no effort to hide just how much I love modern ColdFusion; but, I’m also not blind to the language issues. Come listen to us talk it out!

This was so much fun to record, especially after 2 years of a peopleless pandemic. There are rumors of a Part II for this episode; so, fingers crossed that I get to sit down with these party people one more time.