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Accolite Digital Interview Experience for Senior Java Developer

Akanksha Singh
Published: July 13, 2022

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I received the Technical recruiter’s direct call for the role of Senior Java Developer – Backend. After initial discussion over the phone call. They scheduled the interview on Turbohire. There were 3 rounds:

  • Technical – Video Interview
  • Managerial – Video Interview
  • HR – Telephonic discussion

First-round: Technical interviews: I was asked basic java questions:

  • Java 8 Features
  • Why needed a functional interface in java 8 if we can have a single abstract method in the interface or abstract class?
  • Can we override default methods?
  • Can we override static methods, if we do what will happen and output the program?


class Base{

 public static void hello(){




class Child extends Base{

 public static void hello(){




class Main{

 public static void main(String[] args){


   Base b = new Child();




Managerial Round: This round was mostly focused on the Project and Some questions on Spring boot and microservices.

  • What is Dependency Injection?
  • Bean scopes – Singleton vs Prototype
  • @Transactional annotation and transaction management in Spring
  • @Restcontroller vs @Controller
  • @SpringBootApplication
  • How to create the rest API in spring boot – complete flow
  • What are microservices?
  • How do microservices communicate and discover?

These were the questions that were asked, some questions I am not able to recall. Hope this helps.