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A Roadmap to Odoo V16 Expected Features

Arpita Gupta
Published: July 21, 2022

Let’s have a look at what’s coming in Odoo V16.

As we know, change is the only constant. Similarly, upgrading your ERP is also essential. As per Odoo’s standard operating procedure, a new version of the software has been released every year since 2014, and this trend will continue in the years to come. As a result, Odoo has progressed to Version 15 so far and looking forward to Odoo V16.

With each passing month of the year, Odoo grows. Every year, Odoo releases a new version that improves the program by introducing a fresh methodology, strong features, and valuable integrations with other applications.

Compared to the previous version, Odoo V15 has made significant strides in functions and capabilities. Currently, Odoo V15 is regarded as one of the most sophisticated and quick versions of the software, challenging other programs in a variety of industries.

So, let us have a sneak peek at the expected features of Odoo V16


As time goes on, the next Odoo version, which has additional innovations in its back pocket, is waiting in line. Yes, the Odoo V16 that will be released in October of this year is the topic at hand. Therefore, let us know and comprehend the anticipated characteristics of Odoo V16 before we make conclusions about its features.

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As anticipated, Odoo V16 is far more sophisticated than V15. In contrast, several converting functionalities are part of Odoo V16. You will be able to manage your firm more effectively and honestly with the help of the features and tools.

The most recent version of Odoo V16 has included several incredible features that must be displayed in public. Additionally, it is our duty to stay informed using all available methods.

Before continuing, let’s look at the important areas where Odoo 16 differentiates itself from earlier versions.

Performance Regulation

The first thing we consider while purchasing or using any software is its “performance.” It is one of the most crucial elements in the development of a company. The performance and effectiveness of Odoo have been emphasized in the most recent version.

Odoo V16 is anticipated to operate quickly and efficiently. Whenever you start utilizing it, you’ll notice a marked increase in speed. The software performance is directly variable to the user experience. As a result, it will help you magnify your sales and profits more than usual.

Enhancing the User Engagement

After a thorough redesign of crucial components, Odoo-16 will be a unique and essential piece of software in any firm. There are numerous services and amenities that are user-friendly in each module.

The new Odoo 16 edition is anticipated to optimize the product management of the sales team and workforce management of the HR team. The sign and marketing modules have received extensive adjustments to meet the new criteria.

Learning Module

The major feature introduced in Odoo V16 is the knowledge module. The introduction of Odoo V116 remains incomplete without knowing this feature. This particular module is a part of Odoo V16. The two are equivalent. Management in organizations will be able to create documents and exchange knowledge with one another thanks to the knowledge module.

All of Odoo’s modules are compatible with this capability. With the knowledge module, the organization will be more productive since employee and employer communication will be better.

Odoo V16 is the ideal spot to end if you’re a businessperson trying to expand your corporation efficiently.

Financial Module

The updated accounting module in Odoo version 16 now offers better Intrastat reporting, VAT ID validation for online retailers, and E-invoicing options.

You can view Journal Audit reports that are simple to understand and will enhance the information related to VAT legislation.

Additionally, it provides a new bank reconciliation widget for faster accounting reporting and better multi-currency handling.

The credit limit alert in sales and invoices is one of the new features in Odoo 16. You may also see an OCR-separate setting for creating client invoices.

Marketing Section

Improve the email marketing module easily via Odoo V16. With this edition, you can create brand-new templates utilizing the email layouts you’ve already created.

Additionally, it is simple and quick to change the mailing list’s global settings. You can quickly obtain your contact’s mailing addresses as well.

The dashboard in Odoo V16 allows you to retweet tweets for social networking and marketing purposes. This tool makes it simple to manage the social media accounts for your company’s online presence.

Coupons and Promotions for offers and discounts

For convenience, POS, ECommerce, and regular orders may all access the same platform that houses all coupons and promotions. For developers, the code is constrained to a small number of short lines, and the interface is cleaner.

Formal methods regard coupons and promotions as distinct functional aspects, which left several users perplexed about how to handle the coupons and promotions program with Odoo. It will be simple to configure and administer thanks to the one platform for coupons and promotional initiatives. The latest version of Odoo has eWallet, whereas the older version did not.

Odoo Website Module

You can control both the front end and the back end of your website in Odoo version 16 from a single perspective. You will save a significant amount of time by doing this when creating a fantastic website.

Control, manage and customize the Odoo website using a variety of tools. You may add interactivity and engagement to your website by using the new website builder module.

Easily customize the web pages without having to constantly update them. For easier user accessibility and control, more filtering and grouping tools may be added to the website.

Amplified Inventory Management

Your employee no longer has to click the “cancel” button in order to cancel a backorder. To avoid future issues, Odoo V16 automatically manages the situation.

You might find an updated postcode filter on the shipping method that accepts “prefixes” rather than a “form-to.” In this version, you would also be able to print data.

It is simple to scan a package, select and count the number of products, and force scan a required or optional product. You can choose how far in advance you wish to create a product/order restocking with this version 16 of Odoo.


Manufacturing Allocation reports are now available in the MRP module. Make customers view the live status of their manufacturing orders. Yes, showcase orders from their customized customer portal from the link created with a sales order at any stage or in between.

Customers can completely understand the manufacturing process of the goods they have ordered thanks to the features. Your subcontractor will be able to record the production for you thanks to the upgrade to the subcontracting portal.

Odoo V16 provides more choices and cutting-edge features for its customers.

Sign Module in Odoo V16

This new feature will allow you to refuse to sign a paper. You can change the person allocated to a role as per the request.

Therefore, with the help of the sign module, you may specify “stressed weeks” for a crucial project so that your team members are aware of its importance. You can also view the leaves, open days, and allocations related to time off.


Since Odoo V16 is in under process of development, we can see other Additional features too along with the mentioned ones. The new version features accelerate the enhancement to the Call for Tender section of the Odoo Purchase module and a streamlined eCommerce setup that will make online selling much more approachable.

In brief, using and managing your business with Odoo version 16 will be simple. As a result, Odoo ensures that you produce the highest level of efficiency in business management through the addition of functionality and a new user interface.



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