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7 Tips for Better Cloud Apps with Azure App Service and More

Published: December 9, 2022

With our cloud apps and sites, there may come a time when we say, “Oh no, what went wrong?” Tracking down the cause of issues within Azure can be tricky because, though we may have our own performance or debugging tools, we can’t install them. Application Insights help us figure out any performance issues around these services on Azure. 

Application Insights is a part of Azure Monitor, and it lets you drill into any web app on Azure that is enabled for. So, you’ll get an instance of application insight for each service that you enable it for.

Using Application Insights

Within the application map, you can see how many calls are going into a site. You can also drill further down into the information provided. Application Insights also provides performance metrics for any given site that you can dig into to improve your site.

There are other features in Application Insight, such as Smart Detection. This AI-based detection learns about the application so it knows what’s normal and can detect things that aren’t. Live metrics lets you see what’s coming in and what’s going out.