6 key criteria for choosing DevSecOps Tools in 2022

Published: June 15, 2022

Security needs to be top-of-mind when writing and deploying software. It can’t be sacrificed on the altar of faster delivery or other priorities. But not every DevSecOps tool will be the right fit for your unique circumstances.

Tech leaders in 2022 need to understand the primary criteria for evaluating DevSecOps tools, based on attributes or capabilities that may be offered by some vendors, but not others. These criteria should be the basis on which organizations decide which solutions to adopt for their particular needs. 

The six key criteria to consider are:

  1. Application hardening

  2. Repository-level protection

  3. Environment security

  4. Application profiling for architectural security

  5. SOAR and SIEM integration

  6. Integration with development planning tools

Let’s dive into what each aspect means.

Source: www.pluralsight.com