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5 Vue.Js Advantages That Every Developer Must Know

Isha Sharma
Published: May 4, 2022

Being called one of the most flexible, Vue has always been known to carry huge thresholds and maybe that’s why today top giants like Netflix, Nintendo, etc. are using this framework. Vue was introduced first by Evan You in 2014 who himself was a big techie and wanted to build something more stable and powerful. However, Vue.js (commonly referred to as Vue; pronounced “view“) is an open-source Model–View-ViewModel front-end JavaScript framework for creating UI and static applications. Even though there are other frameworks for JavaScript like Angular or React but then also Vue.js has set a unique benchmark for its users.


Today, with the help of this article, we will be discussing the Top 5 Vue.js benefits that every developer should know and find out why is it still considered one of the best frameworks for web-app developers.

1. Progressive Nature

In any project, there might be some scenarios where you are required to have some creativity. Let’s take an example of a blogging app, you want to add some themes, add-on extensions, menu tabs, and add, remove post and scheduling functionality, then Vue.js will come into action. It helps in adapting all the complexity in any project by offering device-agnosticism (capacity of a computer component to work with various systems without any specific adaptations) for all developers and users. Thus, all the additional markup gets progressively added to the HTML and the best part is it will not require you to rewrite the codes, besides this, it helps in getting the requirements from the developer for offering the best solutions in the project and that’s what makes it more adaptable and highly progressive framework.

2. Ease of Handling

This is probably one of the solid reasons why you should start working with Vue.js, with just fewer efforts and less coding you can do wonders in your project. Besides this, well crafted, lightweight, and flexible and doesn’t affect productivity. So, if a developer has front-end framework experience, then they can easily implement it after learning for a couple of days.

The base is, that it doesn’t require any prior knowledge or experience of any additional programming language. However, it is a must to have an understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Talking about other frameworks, like Angular or React, it is a must for you to learn other programming languages to use them right. (In the case of Angular, you need to learn typescript)

3. Two-Way Data Binding

This framework allows two-way communication which enables the passing of data for the required changes made by any developer. Once the data is passed through channels, the changes that you’ve made will get reflected in the UI. This two-way binding feature is primarily possible because of its MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architecture and given a form input, it tracks any updates on the view and later the same gets updates to the data model property along with the new value. The bottom line is that it way too different when compared to other libraries like React.js which only supports one-way communication. In Vue.js, the v-model directive is being used for updating all the inputs and in this, Vue.js can base its element update decisions on the input (type).

4. Community Support

With the pace of time and its popularity, today, community support has immensely increased for Vue.js throughout the world. As the number of users is growing, community support has been getting strong since then. If you’ll see the stats, from 1k queries in 2015 till today 6k+ queries are being posted and they’re getting resolved in less than 5 hours. Well, that’s way too quick for a framework to jump up in the mainstream, and to support this community, even more, today all the releases and updated pieces of information are being posted regularly to keep everyone aligned and support the developers’ pan world. As per recent stats, there more than 1,30,000 GitHub members are using Vue.js, and approx. 75,000 queries are being tagged (after including discard chats and forums).

5. Reusability

The most important part of getting good command is “how soon you can make a grip over it?” Well, thanks to Vue.js which allows for the ease and reusability of its code. In this framework, small codes of any app can easily be integrated into an existing application which makes much effort. Besides this, using Vue.js will not have any negative effect on the existing infrastructure of the app and this makes it one of the most impressive tools for summing up multiple reactive components in the same template. It also employs some (Angular-like) templating syntax, but without the need for developers to learn a new language (TypeScript). This is still a compelling reason to hire Vue.js developers.


The bottom line is, rather than focusing on creating a lightweight, and efficient application you can create and experiment with new things with Vue.js and that will definitely fit in your next project. Today, developers enjoy using this framework due to its flexibility, cleanliness, and ease of syntax too and it is living up to the expectations of developers no matter what challenges are being thrown in front of it. Keeping all of those factors in mind, we thought to share the top 5 Vue.js benefits that every developer should know. However, you might find other benefits too but these 5 are probably the best answer for you to understand why you should choose Vue.js for your next project and why you should focus on learning this framework.