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20 Stunning Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photography

Paul Andrew
Published: June 7, 2022

A wedding has to be two things: emotional and memorable. Now, your clients will likely take care of the first item on the list. They’re the people who can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. But to make those special moments memorable, a photographer has to produce photos that will remind the happy couple of the most important day of their lives.

There are some things you can take care of while taking the actual photos. However, every wedding photographer swears by editing in which they highlight the best aspects and make sure that the photos capture the essence of that incredible moment. As a photographer, you’ve probably dived into the editing rabbit hole more than a few times.

Fortunately, there’s a much easier way to create beautiful wedding photos in just a few minutes. No matter how many photos you have on your memory card. How? With the best Lightroom presets for weddings.

Today, we’re showing you the presets we loved. From presets that change the lighting to give those special moments equally special weather to presets that will make your photos look even better in the wedding album, portfolio, or on social media, there’s plenty to pick from. So take the photos, and then delight your clients as you present them with a professionally edited and curated wedding album. Let’s dive in!

If it’s a fairytale wedding, the photos should follow the same lead. These indie wedding Lightroom presets offer film-inspired toning and colors that you can easily add in editing.

You’ll get 32 wedding presets that are made with different lighting in mind and guarantee stunning results.

Indie Wedding Lightroom Presets

Tell a love story with these wedding Lightroom presets. These 12 presets offer nuanced styles, from soft and matte, to deep and warm.

They’re perfect for weddings taking place in the great outdoors. No matter the lighting, these presets will look beautiful in your clients’ photo albums!

Real Wedding Lightroom Presets

If you’re a wedding photographer, you need a powerful Lightroom preset collection, and these 50 presets are a fantastic choice!

You’ll get presets that range from light and minimalist to presets with film looks and nostalgic aesthetics. You can also use the LUTs for video editing!

50 Wedding Lightroom Presets

Summer weddings are incredibly charming, but you have to make sure that your photos accurately convey the atmosphere.

These 20 wedding Lightroom presets are perfect for that purpose! They work like a charm with bright locations and bring out the sunny and vivid tones that look gorgeous in photo albums.

Wedding Day Lightroom Presets

Create beautiful and film-like photos with these wedding presets for Adobe Lightroom. You’ll get three main presets with nine variations, ensuring that your photos look consistent and beautiful, no matter the weather and lighting.

These presets are perfect for vintage weddings and telling beautiful love stories through photography.

Honeymoon Wedding Lightroom Presets

Create stunning and memorable wedding photos with these wedding presets for Lightroom. These 30 professional Lightroom presets enhance the best aspects of your photography while helping you convey the unique atmosphere of the event.

The presets emphasize accurate skin tones and help you retain the beauty of your original shots.

Wedding Presets Vol.1

Some things never go out of style, so if your clients are planning a vintage wedding, don’t get surprised. Instead, help them convey the atmosphere with these vintage wedding Lightroom presets.

You’ll get 11 stunning and easily editable presets that enhance the beauty of the wedding.

Vintage Wedding Lightroom Presets

Turn photos into memories with these wedding Lightroom presets. You’ll get 20 presets you can use in both desktop and mobile Adobe Lightroom apps.

They play on lighting, shadows, and highlights to offer beautiful and unique results that are perfect for wedding photography, as well as other purposes.

Provence Wedding Photo Lightroom Presets

Accurately convey the atmosphere of the moment with these premium Lightroom presets for wedding photography.

This collection offers 50 professionally designed presets that guarantee natural results with a glowing effect that looks beautiful in wedding photo albums. With so many options, you can easily create a consistent style of photography.

Premium Wedding Lightroom Presets

Here comes the bride (and she looks beautiful)! These stunning Lightroom presets for wedding photographers will give all your photos a unique atmosphere and convince your clients to proudly display them on their mantelpieces.

You’ll get ten premium presets that enhance the light and tones of your photos.

Wedding Pro Lightroom Presets

Give your photos a dash of rustic charm with these rustic wedding presets for both Lightroom and Photoshop.

This collection offers 50 wedding presets that offer beautiful natural toning, as well as film-inspired filters that guarantee authentic and charming results. And no matter the lighting, your shots will look stunning!

Rustic Wedding Presets for Lightroom Photoshop

Bring out the warmth in your wedding photos with these wedding Lightroom presets. The Caramel wedding preset collection offers 11 presets that give your photos a nostalgic and warm look with brown and pastel shades.

You can edit the effects for a consistent and beautiful style your clients will love.

Caramel Wedding Lightroom Presets

Create gorgeous and artistic photos from your original shots for the clients who really want to make their special moments unique.

These wedding Lightroom presets offer 22 options that were made with different conditions and original photo quality in mind. Your edited shots will look beautiful in your portfolio!

Wedding Lightroom Presets Vol.2

Satisfy every client with these 50 Lightroom presets for wedding photography! You’ll get diverse styles for all kinds of aesthetics, from orange and teal bohemian looks to effervescent film styles.

This collection is a beautiful choice if you often work with diverse clients, and guarantees gorgeous end results.

Traditional Wedding Lightroom Presets

Add a pop of color to your wedding photography with these 20 Lightroom presets that bring out the pastels in your original shots.

They’re perfect for social media and magazines that showcase your work, and even photo albums for clients who can’t get enough rainbows!

Pastel Colors Lightroom Presets

Elevate the special moments with this stunning collection of Lightroom presets for wedding photos.

You’ll get 11 presets that enhance the best aspects of your photos and offer incredible results your clients will adore. You can easily edit the effects and tailor them to your client’s preferences.

Beauty Bride Lightroom Presets

Create authentic and romantic wedding photos with Portochrome, a collection of Lightroom presets for weddings and portrait photography.

These five base presets with their 33 variations give your photos a film tone with rich and deep shades that offer very romantic and authentic results. They adapt to different shooting conditions.

Portochrome Lightroom Presets

It’s time to make some memories! Summerbliss, a collection of Lightroom presets for weddings, offers plenty of options for different shooting and lighting conditions.

With six base presets that offer natural and vibrant toning, as well as six variations for different settings, you’ll get stunning results.

Summerbliss Lightroom Presets

Vibrant and warm, these Lightroom presets are perfect for weddings, couple photography, as well as other purposes.

You’ll receive 11 premium Lightroom presets that bring out different tones and colors for authentic and diverse results, depending on your clients’ preferences. You’ll love working with them!

Couple Goals Lightroom Presets

Love Story is the ultimate collection of Lightroom presets for wedding, portrait, and couple photography!

You’ll get a variety of styles (30) that range from soft and matte filters to nostalgic sepia tones that will give your photography a dash of vintage charm. They adapt to every aesthetic!

Love Story Lightroom Presets

Editing is where the magic happens. Your clients said “I do” and celebrated their new union with friends and family, but they’ll want stunning photos to remember the moments fondly even decades later. This is where you come in! And while you first have to make sure that the wedding photoshoot goes by perfectly, you can also enhance your photos in Adobe Lightroom.

And with these fantastic Lightroom presets for wedding photography, you’ll be able to not only edit photos, but create memories. So download the perfect preset collection, boot up Lightroom, and get to work! You don’t have to remember your settings and replicate them for every photo. No matter how many photos you plan on having in the album, all your beautiful filters will be there. All you have to do is click, and your work is done!

How to Install & Use a Lightroom Preset

How to Install &and Use a Preset in Lightroom CC 2018+:

  1. Download &and unzip the preset file
  2. Open Lightroom
  3. Navigate to Develop Module
  4. Hover over the + sign next to the Presets
  5. Select Import Presets
  6. Apply the preset by selecting the photo you want to edit and clicking the preset name.

How to Install and Use a Preset in Older Versions of Lightroom:

  1. Open Lightroom
  2. Go to Preferences > Presets
  3. Click on the box titled Show Lightroom Presets Folder
  4. Double click on Lightroom
  5. Double click on Develop Presets
  6. Copy the folders of your presets into the Develop Presets folder
  7. Restart Lightroom
  8. Use the preset by selecting the photo you want to work with and clicking on the preset name