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15 Blogs Every Javascript Developer Should Follow in 2022

Published: July 11, 2022

I’ve been following the most interesting JavaScript blogs quite for a while now (this is a part of my job running There are many of them. More than you might think. There are blogs started more than ten years ago, and there are relatively new ones. Some bloggers are JavaScript superstars, and others are regular engineers like you and me. Some blogs are focused on a particular ecosystem (say Angular or React, or Vue), while others are rather general.

The exciting thing is that the number of good blogs with really robust material keeps growing from one year to another. It is a promising trend, which hopefully will continue.

A few words about who makes it into the list: only the bloggers who write relatively often (at least once per month). Those are all personal blogs, not hubs, companies, etc. And of course, the main metric is the quality of the material.

OK, enough words. Please welcome, in no particular order, the top 15 blogs a JavaScript developer should follow in 2018.


The author of the “Exploring ES6” book, Dr. Axel Rauschmayer is long known for his deep and comprehensive articles. They are always well-structured and tend to cover the topics in every detail. Usually he writes about ES6/7/8 features and how to use it, but recently, for example, he did a series of articles on ReasonML, which is a hot new JS-transpilable language from Facebook.

David Walsh

David Walsh is an engineer who works at Mozilla from Madison, Wisconsin. David writes regularly (several times per month). His posts are about web development in general. Usually, these are small, understandable pieces for a broad audience on JavaScript’s new features, Node, and more.

Reginald Braithwaite

Reginald “raganwald” Braithwaite, is the author of brilliant “JavaScript Allongé,” one of my favorite JavaScript books. If you haven’t read it, go ahead and do it. Seriously, it’s a pure pleasure, I promise. As you might expect, he writes a lot on functional-related topics. His articles are probably not for beginners and instead aimed at a more experienced audience.

Michael Herman

Michael Herman is a developer and public speaker. He writes about a lot of stuff such as Python, Docker, etc. Technically, I could leave him out of this list. But his write-ups on JavaScript and related material are extremely practical and helpful, so I just can’t leave out his brilliant blog.

Addy Osmani

I’m not sure I need to introduce Addy Osmani. He is a Chrome core developer, a web performance evangelist, and a public speaker. You probably use libraries he has written on a daily basis; just check his GitHub. He also wrote the very popular “Learning JavaScript Design Patterns” book. In his blog though, he writes a lot on Progressive Apps and is one of the core contributors to the concept.


This one is easily recognizable by the iconic pixelated image of a unicorn. The author writes lots about new ECMAScript features, in particular modules, and is (as you might expect) in the middle of writing a book about modules.

Dave Ceddia

Dave’s first post dates back to 2015. And it was about Angular 2 (yeah, can you believe it? Time runs so fast). In 2017, though, it seems as if he changed his preferred framework and started writing more on React. He’s also an author of a lovely little book called “Pure React” which is aimed at starters.

Todd Motto

Speaking of Angular, it’s surprisingly difficult to find robust material on the topic. It’s understandable, perhaps, since React seems to be a lot more fun to write about. Well, at least we have this guy. Todd writes a lot on connected topics (TypeScript, NGRX), speaks at the conferences and also does courses. He’s easily the best individual Angular blogger out there.

Tyler McGinnis

Tyler McGinnis is the author of many thorough React courses. So, as you might expect, he also writes a lot about React both Web and Native. His blog also contains a lot of video materials, which are a joy to watch.

John Papa

John Papa is a developer advocate, public speaker, and of course, a blogger. He also authored several courses on for Pluralsight. He used to write a lot on Angular, especially Angular 1, but it seems he’s more into Vue now. If you’re interested in this React alternative you should follow this guy.

Valentino G.

This guy writes a lot of different topics, including Django and Node. Most often he writes about React and friends.

Ben Nadel

I didn’t know about this one until recently, but now it’s easily one of my favorite JavaScript blogs. My favorite part is that he writes a lot about UX and its intersections with JavaScript. Highly recommend it!

Bram Van Damme

It’s interesting that lots of bloggers are from Europe. Like Bram, who is an engineer from Belgium. He writes about JavaScript and also more in general about the web and web development.

Ivan Akulov

Ivan writes about React and Webpack, and also in general about different optimizations you’ll need to do as a web developer. His write-ups are highly practical, and may not suit the beginners.

Robin Wieruch

Robin works in Berlin. He writes a lot (and quite often) about React and friends. But also (and that’s what makes him interesting) he writes about stuff like AI and machine learning. There aren’t a lot of places where you can read articles like “A Web Developer’s Guide to Machine Learning in Javascript” or “Neural Networks in Javascript.” If you’re interested in those topics, you definitely need to follow Robin.


I hope you liked this list. Now go ahead and add them to your preferred RSS reader as I did and enjoy the perpetual flow of the best articles from the JavaScript world!